3Play Media Celebrates Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD)


Lessons Learned: Canada’s Past, Present, and Future Leadership in Digital Accessibility [Free Webinar]

May 18, 2023, marked the 12th annual Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD). Created by Joe Devon and Jennison Asuncion, GAAD is all about raising awareness for digital accessibility and inclusion for people around the world with disabilities. 

GAAD is one of our favorite annual events at 3Play Media, and we look for new ways each year to contribute to GAAD and support accessibility. Read on to learn about how we celebrated GAAD this year.

Lessons Learned: Canada’s Past, Present, and Future Leadership in Digital Accessibility

Canada is recognized as a global leader in digital accessibility, most recently with their introduction of the Accessible Canada Act. Like all countries, Canada has an imperfect history when it comes to accessibility and inclusivity, but what can others learn from Canada in how to operationalize an accessible ecosystem? How can other countries build inclusive practices into their culture and legislation?David Berman

On May 18, we hosted a free public webinar with David Berman, an internationally recognized expert in inclusive design and strategic communications. David discussed Canada’s history of leadership in accessibility and predicted where the puck is heading regarding regulations and emerging standards that can benefit everyone within and beyond its borders.

David shared experiences and insights that help you leave no one behind online, all while enjoying the “Accessibility Dividend” for all.


Learn about David Berman

Often referred to as the ‘David Suzuki of design,’ David Berman has been influenced by many different industries—but design has always remained at the center of it all. 

David has over 30 years of experience in design and communications and has worked extensively in the adaptation of content for electronic distribution, including accessible web and software interface development.

David regularly teaches WCAG accessibility as part of his professional development workshops. His work includes award-winning projects for the City of Ottawa, the Ontario government, and Canada’s federal government. David has provided consultancy, training, and testing to IBM, the Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services, AODA office, and the Norwegian Design Council on Accessibility Issues. 

Lessons Learned: Canada’s Past, Present, and Future Leadership in Digital Accessibility ➡️

3Play Media donates to The Divas With Disabilities Project

Every year for GAAD, we choose a different disability-focused organization to support. This year, we’re proud to donate to The Divas With Disabilities Project, a digital movement and community committed to increasing the participation and representation of Black and brown women and girls. Divas is an acronym that stands for Dynamic, Illuminating, Victorious, Achieving Sisters with visible disabilities.

Their mission is to amplify DIVAS’ voices by providing a community and network that identifies opportunities for inclusion in mass media and by partnering with organizations that have demonstrated a commitment to the inclusion of Black and brown women and girls with visible disabilities. We are proud to support their mission.

Internal Accessibility and Intersectionality Training with Inclusively

At 3Play Media, we strive to keep accessibility and inclusivity at the core of everything we do. Internally, this often means presenting accessibility workshops and learning from individuals from the communities we serve. 

Though our GAAD events are often geared towards the public, we always plan a portion of the day just for the 3Play team to further our accessibility learning. This year, Mary Liz McNamara from Inclusively presented on what it means to be intersectional and how different parts of our identities can inform our perspectives.

In past years, we’ve celebrated through internal conversations with Deaf and disability advocates such as Aaron Pagan, a company-wide ASL workshop with HASA, and a virtual accessible event training with LaVant Consulting. In other years, we’ve worked to give back to the community by building wheelchairs for REquipment, a non-profit organization that provides people in Massachusetts with gently used, refurbished, and durable medical equipment at no charge. Learn more about our prior GAAD celebrations and commitment to accessibility.

Closing the Day with The Comedians with Disabilities Act

The Comedians with Disabilities Act is a fabulous collection of comedians who have disabilities, both seen and unseen, who bring forth the humor they find in their experiences. During ACCESS 2023, we had the immense pleasure of ending the conference with a performance by Comedians with Disabilities, which consists of Nina G., Steve Danner, Mean Dave, and Michael Beers. We loved their show so much that we decided to have a company-wide viewing of the performance at the end of GAAD.


Learn more about the importance of web and media accessibility! Check out Allied, an accessibility podcast by 3Play Media.

Listen to Allied. An accessibility podcast by 3Play Media.

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