Top 5 Webinars of 2018

December 28, 2018 BY JACLYN LEDUC
Updated: June 3, 2019

It’s hard to believe that we’re quickly approaching the beginning of 2019 and therefore be leaving 2018 behind us. With that said, we had a spectacular year of digital accessibility webinars that we won’t soon forget.

Each 3Play Media webinar offers its own unique value to the viewers, and we would like to thank all of the 2018 webinar speakers who gave wonderful presentations and shared their expertise in and experience with digital accessibility.

Without further ado, we present 3Play Media’s top 5 accessibility webinars of 2018:

2018 Legal Update on Digital Access Cases

Webinar speaker: Lainey Feingold

Lainey Feingold is an internationally recognized disability rights lawyer and is widely known for negotiating landmark accessibility agreements. In 2017, she linked up with us for a webinar and presented on digital accessibility legal updates in 2017. Fast forward one year, and a lot changed in the legal landscape concerning web accessibility, making Lainey’s 2018 legal update a must-see webinar.

In this highly anticipated webinar, Lainey takes viewers through key digital access cases, court decisions, government agency activity, and other new developments that occurred in 2018.

Watch the 2018 Legal Update on Digital Access Cases webinar

She dives into the origins of web accessibility and its roots in the disabled community’s civil rights movement that sprouted decades ago. She regards that the U.S. has come a long way in the past several decades in terms of accessibility, but though the U.S. possesses a strong legal foundation for disability rights, it’s still not quite there with digital accessibility. Nonetheless, attitudes and perspectives in digital accessibility litigation are changing for the better.

Don’t fall behind in the dynamic legal landscape of digital accessibility. Watch Lainey’s accessibility webinar!

A Toolkit for Digital Accessibility

Webinar speaker: Jack Nicolai

Something is missing in the design world: accessibility standards are often not documented clearly, consistently, or in a way that’s easy for professionals to follow and implement. In this webinar, Jack Nicolai draws from his own experience as an Accessibility Product Manager at Adobe and highlights his own process for effectively documenting accessibility requirements.

Watch the Toolkit for Digital Accessibility webinar

After watching this webinar, you will learn methods to create standard documentation which expresses accessibility requirements in an understandable, actionable, and usable way. The great news? No more confusion for designers! *sighs relief*

Whether you’re a designer looking for ways to simplify your accessibility workflow or a professional who cares deeply about accessibility, you’ll want to watch this webinar.

Intro to Audio Description

Webinar speaker: 3Play Media

In this accessibility webinar, Sofia Leiva of 3Play Media answers the question, what is audio description? At its core, audio description is an accessibility requirement that narrates relevant visual information in videos, television shows, and movies for people who are blind or have low vision. There’s much more to it than its function, though, and in this webinar, you’ll learn all there is to know about audio description.

Watch the Intro to Audio Description webinar

This webinar covers common audio description questions, like how to add it to online video, its legal requirements, how to create it for video, and how it benefits organizations and the communities they serve. You’ll even get to see some audio description examples.

Don’t wait – watch Intro to Audio Description today!

How Oracle University Uses 3Play Media

Webinars speakers: Ben Labrum and Lily Bond

In this webinar hosted by Training Magazine network, Ben Labrum of Oracle University and Lily Bond of 3Play Media share how creating accessible videos leads to higher employee engagement and comprehension.

To start, Lily, Director of Marketing at 3Play Media, touches on video accessibility trends, noting that 80% of internet traffic will be video by 2019. That’s what we call “on-the-rise!” Video has many uses: education, entertainment, training – you name it. As video use grows, so does the importance of captions and video accessibility. Captions deliver added benefits to videos such as increased views and better comprehension in viewers.

Are you curious to hear of a company’s experience with captioning video? You’re in luck.

Watch the How Oracle University Uses 3Play Media webinar

Ben Labrum is the Sr. Principal Product Manager at Oracle University Digital Learning, which offers professionals Oracle certifications that help to advance their careers. Oracle University saw the potential in online video and moved to provide students with online training videos. Ben attests to the benefits that captioning and transcription have added to Oracle University’s online video courses.

Watch the full webinar to learn more about Oracle University’s captioning and transcription success story.

Creating an Accessible Campus at WSU

Webinar speaker: Michael Cole

A year before this webinar aired, Wichita State University (WSU) received a complaint from the Office of Civil Rights for digital accessibility issues. How did WSU respond? In the best way they knew how: they set out to make their programs accessible to everyone.

Watch the Creating and Accessible Campus at WSU webinar

In this webinar, Michael Cole, Education Accessibility Technologist at WSU, discusses the state of accessibility at WSU a year after receiving an OCR complaint. WSU subsequently set out to develop a comprehensive, campus-wide accessibility policy, transforming the accessibility culture at the university and integrating accessibility into everyday operations across all departments.

Watch the webinar to learn how WSU turned itself around and grew into a culture that embraces accessibility practices and positions itself as a leader in accessibility.

We hope that you enjoy these top 5 accessibility webinars and have the chance to learn something new. See you in 2019!

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