Captioning & Transcription for Digital Media Publishers

January 8, 2020 BY SAMANTHA SAULD
Updated: April 20, 2021

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Media has long been used as a tool to convey information. Traditional media publishers use mediums such as radio, newspapers, or television to communicate with their audiences. 

Today, with the rise of the internet, we can instantly view media on our computers, tablets, or smartphones. Digital media is any media that is consumed through the use of the internet. Therefore, a digital media publisher is an organization that electronically publishes online content. This includes online video, e-books, digital magazines, and more. Some notable digital media publishers are the New York Times, Meredith, and Macmillan. 

Digital media publishers produce an array of content, however, one thing remains true regardless of the publisher, the type of content published, or the medium used: digital media publishers must caption and/or transcribe their content. 

In this post, we’ll go over what’s most important and common challenges prevalent in this industry, as well as the vendor features that are most appealing for digital media publishers.


What’s Important for Digital Media Publishers?


When it comes to captioning and transcription, quality is imperative for digital media publishers. They publish content on a vast array of topics and subject matters, and it’s important that captions accurately portray the auditory information. Not only do inaccurate and unintelligible captions distract viewers, but it’s also a bad look for a well-established and reputable brand. 

Accessibility Compliance

Providing closed captions and transcripts alongside video content ensures that digital media publishers comply with accessibility laws put in place to protect people with disabilities. Major laws and standards like the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act (CVAA), and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) require closed captions and transcripts. A number of organizations have been sued for failing to accommodate d/Deaf or hard of hearing viewers, and many publishers want to avoid any legal woes. 


Finding the right captioning solution is essential for digital publishers. In many cases, they’re publishing multiple pieces of content a day. Think of how many hours of content that is over the course of a year. The last thing publishers want to worry about is how they’re going to caption it. That’s why it’s important they find a vendor that can handle a large amount of content, and seamlessly simplify their workflow. 

Views and Engagement

Publishers truly care about increasing their number of views and boosting their user engagement. Captions have been proven to do just that. Since sound isn’t required when using captions, viewers are able to view content in any situation which helps keep viewers engaged for longer. 

What are Common Challenges for Digital Media Publishers? 

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Keeping Viewers Engaged

With so much online content to choose from, digital media publishers must focus on keeping their viewers engaged. Although getting in front of viewers’ eyes can be a challenge, with captions, your content has the ability to keep viewers focused. According to a study conducted by IBM and Morning Consult, viewers prefer to watch videos with captions. Nearly 70% of people said they used captions for streaming video. Captions give your viewers the opportunity to watch your content anywhere, anytime – including in sound-sensitive environments.

Understanding Requirements

As mentioned, there are many laws in place that require online content to be accessible to all viewers. It can be challenging to keep up with what’s actually required in order to avoid a potential lawsuit. Not only are captions required by law, but there are strict standards in place on accuracy, timing, caption placement, and completeness. 

Scalable Workflow

Digital media publishers, specifically some of the bigger names, produce a ton of content every single day. One challenge can be scaling the captioning workflow to handle a large volume of content without sacrificing quality. 

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Which Vendor Features are Most Important?

Guaranteed Accuracy

When it comes to captioning, accurate captions are a must. This ensures that publishers avoid lawsuits. 3Play Media is the only captioning vendor to guarantee over 99% accuracy, even with difficult content, multiple speakers, or poor audio. Our captioning process also complies with federal and state accessibility laws. 

Deadline Compliance

Turnaround is crucial for publishers. They need a solution that can meet strict deadlines and offer multiple turnaround options. 3Play offers a number of turnaround options that fit any workflow. Whether you need your video captioned within the same day or a week later, we give our customers a variety of options for their specific captioning needs. 

Integrations/Custom APIs

Choosing a vendor that integrates with the most popular video players is essential for digital media publishers. Luckily, 3Play Media integrates with over 30 video platforms so you can easily publish videos with captions. You can even build customized workflows with our flexible APIs. 

Reliable Support

Our 3Play support team is here to guide you every step of the way! We know that digital media publishers want to simplify their workflow, not complicate it. That’s why our dedicated support reps are there to assist whenever you have a question or a concern. They can even support multiple departments or groups within an organization in case there are different projects. We have a support team, as well as an account management team and a robust blog of helpful resources. 

Whether you’re trying to meet legal requirements or increase user engagement, ask these crucial questions when selecting a captioning vendor 👇

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