How 3Play Media Stands Out, According to Our Customers

March 2, 2022 BY REBECCA KLEIN
Updated: March 3, 2022


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At the end of each year, we distribute our annual Holiday Survey to learn how 3Play Media customers view their experiences with us.

Customer happiness is a top priority, and our survey helps us better understand our customers’ needs and how we compare with other media accessibility vendors.

Here are the top four reasons why thousands of 3Play Media customers love and trust us as their media accessibility partner, year after year.

The reliability and peace of mind

With unmatched pricing, unique features, fast turnaround times, excellent customer support, and high-quality files, 3Play provides customers with reliable services and peace of mind.

When asked what their favorite thing about 3Play was, many customers couldn’t pick just one aspect.

3Play has everything. I have scoped so many other transcription services over the years of my career and will ALWAYS convince my company to remain with 3Play. Accurate and has every feature needed and quick options which are great for a fast-paced industry like mine. 3Play Media customer

In this year’s Holiday Survey, many customers highlighted reliability across our business. When asked what their favorite thing about 3Play was, one customer said, “Reliability. You deliver as promised when promised.”

Multiple customers noted our adherence to deadlines and turnaround times. “We usually have a lot of last-minute projects and 3Play Media is always available, able to return our files on or before the deadline,” one customer said. “3Play Media is very quick and responsive,” another noted. “Oftentimes transcripts and other files are returned faster than expected.”

3Play is a unique vendor when it comes to turnaround times. Many vendors don’t give their customers an option to choose a turnaround time, whereas 3Play Media customers can select a deadline. Some vendors also advertise fast turnaround times, but when you read the fine print, it depends on the file size.

We offer a range of turnaround options to best fit your project timeline. Our fastest turnaround is 2-hours, one of the fastest in the industry. We also offer an extended option at a discounted price for projects that don’t need a quick turnaround.

Another factor that makes 3Play Media’s turnarounds unique is that we guarantee our deadlines and have strict turnaround service level agreements (SLAs) to hold us accountable.

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Our easy-to-use platform and accurate services

Perhaps most important to our customers is the quality and ease of use of our services.

Our customers love 3Play Media for the quality of our closed captions, live captions, transcripts, audio descriptions, and translations. When asked what their favorite thing about 3Play was, one customer said, “Accuracy—accuracy matters. The results are always above any other service we have used.”

Thanks to our advanced technology and trained transcriptionists, we guarantee a 99% accuracy rate on all files, even in cases of complex audio, multiple speakers, or background noises. Our transcriptionists have backgrounds in diverse subject matters, ensuring accurate spelling on complex terminology. Every file goes through a multi-step quality assurance process, including two rounds of human review no matter which turnaround option you choose.

In addition to the quality of our services, many customers noted the ease of use of our online platform, where customers can upload and manage files all in one place.

The interface is VERY easy to use – and I use it so frequently that I just glide through the process each time.3Play Media customer

Another customer said, “I also really like how easy and intuitive it is to order video accessibility via our 3Play account. Finally, the transparent pricing, quick turnaround, and the quality of work from 3Play has really impressed us.”

Customers can also integrate videos from popular video platforms for seamless files transfers within our platform. One customer noted that their favorite thing about 3Play was “the connection between Vimeo, Mediasite, Youtube, etc. It is VERY easy to send videos off to be transcribed.”

Other survey respondents appreciated the various features we offer in our online platform. “The features are really good and the overall experience is so much better than our previous transcript vendor,” according to one customer.

“I really appreciate being able to do so much on one platform,” another customer said. “In public schools, it’s not uncommon to have to use two vendors and three products to accomplish a task. All the tools within 3Play, it saves our most valuable resource, time.”

The top-notch customer service and support

In this year’s survey, our customers gave 3Play Media a satisfaction score of 4.3 out of 5 for customer support.

When asked to share their favorite thing about 3Play Media, many customers pointed to our customer service and support teams, sharing, “The customer support team is awesome! They are so easy to work with and solve issues quickly.”

Another customer noted that their favorite thing about 3Play was, “How quick your support is – I never feel like I send tickets into the void. I always hear back and I always hear back quickly.”

As one customer put it, “The quality of the support from our 3Play account reps is excellent. [Account manager] is super proactive about trying to understand our video accessibility needs and find solutions for them.”

From a support perspective, our extensive documentation of 400+ support articles and our investment in a friendly, helpful customer support team shows we’re committed to ensuring our customers can rely on us to support them for their media accessibility needs.

The free educational resources

Among our most valuable offerings are our educational resources, free for customers and the public alike.

Regarding our resources, one customer said their favorite thing about 3Play was our “easy to understand explanations of accessibility practices that I can share with my team.” Another customer appreciated “the way [3Play Media] is spreading awareness about accessibility in a very ableist industry.”

We offer tons of free resources on our website, including webinars, Allied Podcast, blog posts, and ebooks, all of which we regularly update to help customers stay current with accessibility trends, technology, and the ever-changing legal landscape.

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