Why 3Play is Better with Turnaround and Deadline Compliance

January 15, 2019 BY 3MEDIAWEB
Updated: April 23, 2021


Captioning is an integral part of the video accessibility process. Delays or unclear turnaround times for the captions can have detrimental effects on the customer’s project.

At 3Play Media, we value your deadlines and have special mechanisms in place to ensure your captions are delivered in a timely manner.

3Play Media & Deadline Compliance

When it comes to turnaround time, 3Play is a unique vendor in the industry. Various vendors don’t give their customers an option to choose a turnaround time. Some vendors will advertise fast turnaround times, but when you read the fine print, it really depends on the file size.

3Play Media actually gives the customer the power to select a deadline. We offer a range of turnaround options to best fit your project timeline. Our fastest turnaround is 2-hours – one of the fastest in the industry. We also offer an extended option – at a discounted price – for those projects where you don’t need to rush the captions.

Another factor that makes 3Play Media unique is that we guarantee our deadlines and have strict turnaround service level agreements (SLAs) to hold us accountable.

list of our turnaround time. standard, extended, rushed, same day, and two hour

Strict Turnaround SLAs

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At 3Play Media, we take deadline compliance very seriously and have strict turnaround SLAs in place.

A turnaround SLA is an agreement between a vendor and a customer that defines the level of turnaround expected.

In the unfortunate case that we miss your selected deadline (even by one second), you will be charged for the service level achieved, and we will automatically apply the discount to your invoice.

No other vendor in the market offers an agreement like this.

How is 3Play Media Different From the Competition?

At 3Play Media, we value your time and project deadlines. Therefore, we have certain mechanisms in place to ensure we meet your chosen turnaround times.

  1. Turnaround SLAs: If we miss your selected turnaround time, even by a second, we will automatically apply the refund to your invoice. No other vendor offers a turnaround service level agreement or an automatic refund for missed deadlines.
  2. 99.6% Deadline Compliance: We work hard to honor deadlines and have a deadline compliance that is over 99.6%.
  3. why is 3play media better at accuracy? read the blog

  4. Multiple Turnaround Times: Most captioning vendors in the industry offer few turnaround times or none at all. Without a clear turnaround time, a customer can’t plan their project accordingly. We offer six different turnaround times to ensure your captions are completed in a timely manner.
  5. Our Three-Step Process: Our three-step process was created to ensure maximum efficiency and quality. We use a mix of automatic speech recognition (ASR) and human editing to speed up the process and ensure our editors focus on the quality of the transcript.
  6. 99% Accuracy Rate, Always: No matter which turnaround you select, we guarantee a 99% accuracy rate. This means that you won’t have to spend extra time re-editing your captions.

Who to Choose?

When searching for a good captioning vendor, always ask about a vendor’s turnaround time. Knowing how a vendor handles turnaround will help you plan your captioning projects accordingly.

Regardless of your file size, content, or quantity submitted, 3Play Media works hard to honor your selected turnaround time. Want to learn more about 3Play’s services? Click below to get started 👇
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