Introducing: Panopto Integration for Closed Captions, Transcription & Subtitles

Updated: June 3, 2019

Panopto closed captions

We’re pleased to announce a new captioning integration with Panopto. This integration offers a seamless captioning and transcription workflow for videos on the Panopto platform.

What is Panopto?

How to Add Closed Captions and Subtitles to Video in Panopto Panopto is a video capture, storage, and delivery software. Functions include lecture capture, screencasting, video streaming, and video content management.

Panopto is the video management system of choice for many business and universities, who use it for e-learning. Companies might record meetings for telecommuters, circulate corporate communications via video, or use video for employee onboarding. Educators use Panopto to manage lecture recordings for onsite or MOOC courses.

This new integration with Panopto vastly simplifies your captioning workflow. You can link your Panopto account to your 3Play Media account and seamlessly submit captioning and transcription requests. After the captions or subtitles are processed, they automatically show up in Panopto where they can be toggled on or off by the viewers.

Setting Up the Panopto Integration

To setup your Panopto integration, first contact 3Play Media Support. A new project will need to be created within your account.

Next, log onto your 3Play Media account and go to Upload Media > New Linked Account > Panopto. Enter your API and secret API keys and enter your Panopto login credentials.

This should bring up your Panopto dashboard. Navigate to System > Caption Services. You should see four options for 3Play’s caption turnaround time. Click the Enable button next to a 3Play Media turnaround service level that you would like to allow your Panopto users to have access to when submitting caption requests.

Once the service is enabled, click Edit. Enter your API and secret API key as your username and password credentials, respectively. Hit Save, and you’re done!

For more detailed instructions, check our Panopto setup support documentation.

Requesting Video Captioning & Audio Transcription in Panopto

Whether you need to transcribe an audio file or add closed captions to a video, you can order new jobs directly in Panopto with the click of a button. Check our support guide for instructions on ordering captions or transcribing audio.

Editing Captions & Transcripts in Panopto

With your integration activated, you can edit transcripts and captions directly in Panopto. Simply navigate to Settings > Captions and make changes in the text field.

Editing Captions in Panopto

Learn more about the Panopto integration. Or schedule a demo to see the integration firsthand.

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