Parody Music Video: “You Guys Need Captions!”

March 19, 2016 BY EMILY GRIFFIN
Updated: June 3, 2019

Closed captioning can bring a video to life.

We wanted to capture that spirit and celebrate all the ways closed captioning helps your video, your viewers, and YOU.

To that end, 3Play Media is proud to unveil our music video parody of Pharrell Williams’ “Happy,” entitled “You Guys Need Captions!”

Break-dancers, jugglers, acrobats, and regular folks got funky for captioning. The 3Play Media team and several major players in the Boston tech scene shook their stuff, too. And somehow a yak made it in there….

Watch the music video below and read along with the open captions or the interactive transcript.

Movers and Shakers in Video Tech and Innovation

We are grateful to the many members of the Boston video technology and innovation community who appeared in our video. Thank you for sharing in the belief that technology can connect and delight us all.

Thanks to:

  • Ben Ratner, Growth Marketer at HubSpot
  • Bill Aulet, Managing Director at MIT Entrepreneurship Center
  • Brendan Schwartz, CTO of Wistia
  • David Mendels, CEO of Brightcove
  • Ed Roberts, Professor of Management of Technology at MIT Sloan
  • John Harthorne, CEO of MassChallenge
  • Larry Goldberg, Director of Accessible Media at Yahoo!
  • Scott Bailey, Managing Director at MassChallenge
  • Tom Leighton, CEO of Akamai

Production Credits

  • Andrew Schwartz: Composer of lyrics, Lead Vocals, Sound Editor
  • David Zylber: Director of Photography and Editor
  • Joshua Miller: Production Assistant
  • Lily Bond: Production Assistant and Camera Operator
  • Emily Griffin: Production Assistant and backing vocals

And Thanks to Our Dancers:

Aaron Wheeler

Eli Sanders

JoAnn Staashelm

Monica Gustafsson

Abigail Howell

Eric Chen

John Sherry

Nate Lopez

Andrea Leelike

Franz Liebelt

Josh Demers

Nick Burton

Angela Guo

Frederic Ubaldi

Juerpen Purin

Nikos Maniatis

Ariel Judson

Frederike Liebelt

Julie Chan

Olivia Mombello

Brenda Regan

Gabrielle Hillyer

Kathryn Cancellieri

Olivia Varielhes

Cameron David Douglas

George Ding

Kerstin Liebelt

Ray Demers, Jr.

Casey David

Hayley Puzo

Kim Neilsen

Rodolfo Armellini

Chaabi Dalia

Henry Wilder

Klaus Danzer

Rui Serra

Chris Oldacre

Ian Ayers

Klaus Greimel

S. Chavane

Cristina Estupinan

Ian Henderson

Laurence De Olaisonalle

Sara Brayton

Dean Taylor

Javier Vazquez

Lindsey McCracken

Slavena Zhisova

Derk Susyn

Jay Connolly

Marcell Schmidt

Sonny Arsenault

Devon Courtney

Jeff Young

Marco Gons

Stuart Edwards

Diego Cejas

Jennifer Palmer

Matt Goldsmith

Tarek Rouis

Dylan Demers

Jens Toft Olesen

Matt Newton

Tom Sevigny

Elcio Queiroz

Jeremy Warren

Michael Sizov

Torsten Warner

Eli Miller

Jesus Mathus

Michelle Pinto

Veronica Carreiro

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