Scheduling Live Captions With 3Play Media

February 25, 2022 BY REBECCA KLEIN


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This multi-part blog series will highlight three valuable features of our live captioning service. We discussed our Resilient Auto-Captioning Failover and Failback in our first blog of the series. In our second blog, we’ll discuss our web-based, on-demand scheduling interface.

Scheduling Made Easy

Have you ever tried to schedule live captions and been frustrated with the process?

Booking a professional captioner for live events is often a complex and manual process. Event planners waste valuable time with unnecessary back-and-forth communication and antiquated scheduling processes.

To help you schedule live captions with ease, we’ve created an efficient, on-demand scheduling interface within 3Play’s online platform.

Scheduling live captions with 3Play Media is entirely web-based, meaning you never need to contact us outside of our online platform. Other caption vendors organize events over emails and phone calls, and customers may not know if or when their captioner has checked in for an event.

In contrast, 3Play’s scheduling interface provides complete transparency. You’re able to check the status of upcoming and in-progress events and see in advance whether we’ve matched a captioner to your event. Before your event, you can also see when the captioner has checked in. We also provide information around your stream and caption status during your event, all within our scheduling interface.

Additionally, our scheduling interface is integrated with video and conferencing platforms with an overview dashboard to manage all live captioning events from one location.

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How to Schedule Live Captions

To schedule live captions, you’ll log into the 3Play online platform, navigate to the live captioning interface, and select “schedule live captions.” From there, you’ll choose the video or conference platform on which you’d like your captions delivered.

You’ll then indicate your account for your preferred meeting platform and the event you’d like live captioned. Once you choose your event, you’ll select the service type for live auto-captions or live professional captions. You can also verify your event start time, stream start time, and caption start time.

After confirming relevant event times, you’ll indicate your estimated event duration, captioning overtime options, and event type, which helps our captioners prepare for the format of your event. You can also add relevant information such as an event description, speaker names, and a wordlist, which help increase accuracy.

The 3Play Media scheduling interface shows our workflow of selecting an event to live caption and then indicating relevant event information.

The 3Play Media scheduling interface shows our workflow of selecting an event to live caption and then indicating relevant event information.

Get Started Live Captioning With 3Play Media

At 3Play Media, our live captioning service allows you to order captions for any live event. We streamline the traditional live captioning workflow by integrating with many video platforms, including YouTube, Zoom, Brightcove, and more.

Our goal is to make video accessibility easy. With professional captioners, best-in-class ASR technology, and custom features, we deliver a highly efficient, accurate, and reliable captioning service to make your live events accessible and engaging.

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