How 3Play Media Provides The Most Reliable Live Captioning

January 28, 2022 BY REBECCA KLEIN


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This multi-part blog series will highlight three valuable features of our live captioning service. In our first blog of the series, we discuss how we provide the most reliable live captioning service with Resilient Auto-Captioning Failover and Failback.

Reliable Live Captioning with Automated Failover and Failback

No matter the size of your audience, troubleshooting live captioning and streaming can be a stressful experience.

Occasionally, technical difficulties or personal emergencies are inevitable during live events, which need automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology or a professional captioner to provide captions in real-time.

When unforeseen problems arise during a live event, audience members are left confused. Other caption vendors will typically scramble to reconnect and find another captioner, resulting in a lack of live captions and other possible interruptions.

In contrast, 3Play Media has a seamless and reliable plan in place.

We’ve created a resilient auto-captioning failover and failback feature for our live captioning service that ensures your live stream is never without captions.

How Failover and Failback Work

When a customer uses our live professional captioning service for streamed events, we persistently run 3Play’s live auto-captions in the background.

In the unlikely situation that the professional captioning feed is lost, captions automatically failover to auto-captions within seconds.

When the connection regains, captions failback to the professional captioning feed.

The result is that your event is never without captions, and you won’t need to scramble to reconnect services or find another captioner.

Providing You Peace of Mind During Live Events

While we never want your live professional captioning feed to lose connection, we like to prepare for the unexpected. With 3Play Media’s live captioning service, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that we’ve got you covered during unforeseen moments.

If you do lose connection for any reason during a live event, our automated failover ensures that your live stream is always captioned.

Get Started Live Captioning With 3Play Media

At 3Play Media, our live captioning service allows you to schedule captions for any live event. We streamline the traditional live captioning workflow by integrating with many video platforms, including YouTube, Zoom, Brightcove, and more.

Our goal is to make video accessibility easy. With professional captioners, best-in-class ASR technology, and custom features, we deliver a highly efficient, accurate, and reliable captioning service to make your live events accessible to all audiences.

Learn more about 3Play Media's Live Professional Captioning at the Launch Party. February 2nd at 2PM ET.

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