Meet Our Transcript Editors

In a recent survey to our thousands of editors, we learned more about why our contractors love working for 3Play Media and how this job fits into their lives.

At 3Play Media, we use a three-step captioning and transcription process that leverages technology and human editing to provide a uniquely high-quality, cost-effective captioning solution. All of our editors are US-based and go through a rigorous certification process before ever touching a file.

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Editor Profiles

“I love the notion that I can get paid while giving back to the general society. Transcribing those [holocaust] files, in particular, felt important. At points, even the interviewers weren’t really listening, really hearing what those survivors were trying to tell them. I don’t think most people, until they’ve done work like this, really do listen to what people are actually saying. We hear only what we expect to hear. Capturing what people are actually saying, most particularly those unexpected words/thoughts, is an act of revelation.”

– 3Play Media Transcript Editor

What's the Best Thing About Working With 3Play?

We also asked what their favorite thing about working with 3Play was. Schedule really stood out, as evident in the wordcloud of their responses below. Editors also noted that they love editing interesting files, learning from the videos they edit, the variety of different types of content, and the freedom of setting their own hours.

Wordcloud of the responses our editors gave to the question, 'what is your favorite thing about working with 3play?' 'Schedule' stands out as the number one thing editors are happy with. The word cloud also prominently displays the words 'love,' 'freedom,' 'learn,' 'support,' and 'variety.'

How Happy Are Our Editors?

Editor happiness is important to us! In the survey, we asked the editors to rate how happy they are working with 3Play. On average, our editors said they would rate their happiness at 8.5 out of 10.

scale showing how happy our editors are

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rotating quotes from editors about how we compare to other transcription companies they've worked for. Quotes include It's by far the best transcription company I've worked for.The treatment is unparalleled, and the pay is humane.I feel more valued as an editor and as a person. You're by far the best there is.Very professional.You guys blow them out of the water.