Why 3Play Media?

There are dozens of great reasons to choose 3Play Media. Here are the top 10!

Top 10 Reasons to Choose 3Play Media



We guarantee 99% accuracy on all files regardless of difficulty. Our measured accuracy rate is 99.6%.

Our customers say:
“Quality is the first word that comes to mind when thinking of your company.”

Ease of Use

Our sleek online account system makes it easy to order, download, and organize your files.

Our customers say:
“Very easy to use and simple interface.”

Customer Service

We provide individualized, responsive support to every customer and create thorough documentation for all processes.

Our customers say:
“My favorite thing about 3Play is the level of client service and engagement.”


We guarantee quality, consistency, and deliverability without exception.

Our customers say:
“3Play is a dependable and affordable solution for our accessibility needs.”


We provide flexible turnaround options (as fast as 2 hours) to make sure you get your captions back before your deadlines.

Our customers say:
“The fast turnaround times are really awesome. You always beat your estimate.”


We combine speech technology with human editors to provide high quality captions at a low price point.

Our customers say:
“Responsive, accurate, and cost-effective.”

Workflow Automation

We offer dozens of out-of-the-box integrations with video platforms and lecture capture systems, as well as a robust API, to automate your workflow.

Our customers say:
“3Play’s integrations make ordering a breeze”


We constantly commit to advancing our services and building new products that simplify workflows and enhance viewing experiences.

Our customers say:
“3Play is innovative and they hire rock stars.”


We can process large quantities of video at any time without sacrificing our industry-leading accuracy and deadline compliance.

Our customers say:
“The most options available on the market.”

Thought Leadership

We provide hundreds of free, educational resources on accessibility best practices to keep our customers up to date on industry trends.

Our customers say:
“My favorite thing is that 3Play provides free resources which cover all accessibility topics.”

Trusted by 2500+ Customers

3Play Media has exceeded our expectations in terms of the quality of our captioned and transcribed files, turnaround time, ease of account management and customer service.

Eric Granum
Internal Revenue Service

Customers Love Us!

We surveyed our 2,500+ customers about their experience working with 3Play Media and the results were overwhelmingly positive. The top themes mentioned were quality & accuracy, ease of use, turnaround, integrations, price, and support.

We asked our customers to rate how they feel about 3Play Media. Seventy five percent of customers responded that they are either “happy” or “in love” with 3Play Media. Our customers know they can rely on us for delivering high-quality captions and transcriptions in a timely manner, with great customer service – all for a reasonable price.


3Play Media has been nominated for the Streaming Media’s Reader’s Choice Award for several years, including 2015’s recognition of the innovative video clip captioning tool. 3Play Media consistently ranks in the top 3 for best Closed Captioning Solution. In 2016, 3Play Media won the Streaming Media’s Reader’s Choice Award, and was the runner-up in 2017. Over 37,000 people cast votes this year for the awards which recognize outstanding vendors and products in the streaming media industry.

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