Why 3Play Media? πŸ’¬

Your trusted accessibility partner with 10+ years of innovation and the only true 99% accuracy rate in the industry.

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Trusted, Proven Technology

Born out of MIT 10 years ago, we have a history of being innovative in the video accessibility space.

Our goal is to help make video accessibility easier for you. We offer efficient, cost-effective solutions and have over 8 patents pending.

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Full-Service Solution

Our price includes more than just captioning. We offer a full-service solution that is robust and scalable.

We offer advanced features (like caption encoding), flexible workflows, audio description, translation, and so much more.

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We guarantee 99% accuracy on all files – regardless of difficulty.

Our measured accuracy rate is 99.6%, the highest in the industry.

Read the study to learn why we are the only vendor with true 99% accuracy.

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Accessibility Partner

We continuously provide dedicated onboarding and support for our customers.

We also create tons of educational resources and host webinars and conferences throughout the lifespan of a customer.

What Our Customers Have to Say

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 6 Reasons to Choose 3Play Media πŸ‘


1. Quality πŸ‘Œ

We guarantee 99% accuracy on all files regarless of difficulty. Our measured accuracy rate is 99.6%.

2. Innovation πŸ“±

We constantly commit to advancing our services and building new products that simplify workflows and enhance the viewing experience.

3. Customer Service πŸ†

We provide every customer with white glove support and thorough documentation for every process.

4. Ease of Use πŸ™Œ

Our sleek online account system makes it easy to order, download, and organize your files.

5. Price πŸ›’

Our price includes more than captioning. We provide free tools, advanced features, and dedicated support to every customer.

6. Speed ⏰

We provide flexible turnaround options (as fast as 2 hours) to make sure you get your captions back before your deadlines.


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Trusted by 2,500+ Customers

customers we work with include the economist, P&G, IRS, MIT university, and autodesk

 With 3Play, You Get More Unique Features to Make Videos

Searchable, Accessible, and Interactive.


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We integrate with most leading video platforms, players, & lecture capture systems to automate the captioning workflow.


Audio Description

High-quality, competitively priced service to make video accessible to blind and low vision users.


Transcript Alignment

Upload transcript files you own and we’ll synchronize the text to the media.


Interactive Video Plugin

3Play Media provides plugins that make your videos and playlists searchable, interactive, & more engaging. Try it out.


Captioning for 20+ languages

We accept original source videos in 20+ languages for captioning and transcription.

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Allows users to create rough edit clips from transcribed videos.

Why Our Customers Choose Us

3Play Media reviews sourced by G2

 3Play Media is the Right Fit for You if…


You are having trouble centralizing video accessibility 🏁

You want a cost-effective solution πŸ’°

You want a truly accurate solution -that doesn’t require you to re-edit 🎯

You want an easier workflow πŸ—ΊοΈ

You don’t have the time or resources to manage video accessibility βŒ›

You want dedicated, responsive support 🀝

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