When uploading Order Instructions, you’re able to submit instructions to our transcript editors. Order Instructions can be submitted within the order form and applied to all files within an order, or at the folder or project level.




Once you log in to the 3Play Media Account System, you can submit Order Instructions that include file instructions for the transcript editor to reference while working on your files.

Order Instructions can be submitted per each order within the order form, or at the folder or project level. Once submitted, Order Instructions are delivered to the transcript editor assigned to your transcript and can be easily referenced while editing.

Providing Order Instructions helps our team caption your content more efficiently and accurately. At 3Play Media, we always guarantee a minimum accuracy rate of 99% on all files, but with Order Instructions, you can ensure an even more accurate file.

Learn how to add Order Instructions below.


How to Add Order Instructions 🎯


➡️ Step 1: Click Settings

A red box is highlighted around the Settings tab in the 3Play Media Account System

On the top, right-hand corner of the 3Play Media My Files page, click Settings.


➡️ Step 2: Click Default Order Instructions

default order instructions page

Click Default Order Instructions located on the left-hand side of the page.


➡️ Step 3: Click + Order Instructions

Project or folder instructions page

Order Instructions can be added at either the Project or the Folder level.

For Project level Order Instructions, click +Project Order Instructions. For Folder level Order Instructions, click +Folder Order Instructions.


New project order instructions page with save button

Select from the folder you want to add the Order Instructions to and click Save.

Then, you’ll see a confirmation bubble that your Order Instructions have successfully been added to either your project or a folder.


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How to Attach Order Instructions to a Pending File 📝


➡️ Step 1: Click on the File

A file in the My Files Page

After uploading a file to your 3Play Media project, click on the name of the file.


➡️ Step 2: Click Add Order Instructions

"Add order instructions" button with red box

Next, click Add Order Instructions


➡️ Step 3: Save Order Instructions

Save order instructions

Enter a 500 character max note and then click Save.


Upload a PDF to save order instructions

Alternatively, a PDF can be attached to a pending file. To attach a PDF, click Choose File and select the PDF that corresponds to the pending file.

After attaching the PDF, click Save.

Once Order Instructions have been saved, they can be edited as long as the file is still in the pending state.

To edit the Order Instructions, click on the name of the file. Click the Edit icon located above the saved Order Instructions.

After making the changes, click Save and a message will appear that the Order Instructions have been successfully updated!



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