Accessibility Comparison of Major Video Platforms

Harvard and MIT have been sued by the National Association for the Deaf (supported by the Department of Justice) for lack of accurate closed captioning on their videos. This keystone case also involves the inaccessibility of the video players.

Gian Wild, CEO And Founder of AccessibilityOz, works in the area of web accessibility: making sure websites and mobile apps can be used by people with disabilities. At the forefront of her work is accessible video players. AccessibilityOz has tested the accessibility compliance of a number of different video players, and the results are eye-opening. In this webinar, Gian will talk about what makes a video player accessible, give us a peek into the testing she has done, and share the results of which video players are fully accessible.

This presentation will cover:

  • What makes a good video player
  • How AccessibilityOz tested for compliance
  • Specific elements tested on visual keyboards and screen-readers
  • Results of her findings
  • Recommendations of accessible video players


Gian Wild
CEO, Founder | AccessibilityOz

Elisa Edelberg(Moderator)
3Play Media