FCC Audio Description Requirements: What You Need To Know To Comply Presented By Will Schell, Attorney Advisor At The Disability Rights Office Of The FCC

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In recent years, the FCC has been actively increasing audio description requirements through the CVAA (21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act).

For many, audio description is still an uncharted territory, but as legal requirements continue to increase, it is something that must be taken seriously.

In this webinar, Will Schell, Attorney Advisor at the Disability Rights Office of the FCC, will go over audio description requirements and responsibilities. He will walk through the reasons for the increases, go over who these increases impact, and share best practices for audio description according to the FCC.

This presentation will cover:

  • The FCC’s requirements for audio description
  • The FCC’s quality standards for audio description
  • Overview of the FCC’s recent order and goal
  • Who this impacts
  • FCC best practices for audio description

About Will Schell

Will Schell serves as an Attorney Advisor at the Disability Rights Office of the Federal Communications Commission where he, among other things, assists in the consumer complaint process; drafts various guidance and orders; and, engages in outreach with the disability community. Will also serves as the Alternate Designated Federal Officer of the Commission’s Disability Advisory Council, which provides advice and recommendations to the Commission on a wide array of disability issues within the FCC’s jurisdiction. Prior to working at the Disability Rights Office, Will was a Civil Rights Analyst at the Office for Civil Rights in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services where he provided assistance and guidance on regional Olmstead cases; reviewed proposed regulations and other clearance documents; and, coordinated systemic Olmstead compliance reviews. Will has also served as a staff attorney at Disability Rights California, California’s Protection and Advocacy agency where he represented students in special education hearings and participated in Olmstead class action cases in various stages of litigation.


Will Schell
Attorney Advisor | Disability Rights Office of the FCC

Lily Bond (Moderator)
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