The Legal Year in Review: Digital Access Cases

While every year is active in the federal and state courts, 2015 saw several cases focused on the accessibility of online content. These cases demonstrate that the Department of Justice (DOJ) and Office for Civil Rights (OCR) are taking a more comprehensive position on digital access, and organizations across industries should take note of the precedents being set to better understand their legal obligations.

In this webinar, Paul Grossman, who served as the OCR Chief Regional Attorney in San Francisco for 30 years, will analyze key illustrative cases and decisions in 2015 that have potential impact on campus and organization policies, practices, and environments as they relate to web accessibility.

This presentation will cover:

  • Legal requirements impacting web accessibility
  • What is a “public accommodation” subject to Title III of the ADA?
  • Captioning lawsuit against Harvard and MIT
  • Cases of “deliberate indifference”
  • Key DOJ/OCR compliance reviews in 2015
  • Accommodating employees
  • The legal horizon for web accessibility


Paul Grossman
Retired Chief Regional Attorney | Office for Civil Rights, San Francisco

Lily Bond (Moderator)
Director of Marketing | 3Play Media