The Key Partnerships for Designing Accessible Online Classes

As online courses become increasingly popular, making sure they are accessible to all students is crucial.

Today, many universities are seeing more students with hidden disabilities and students who decide not to disclose their disabilities. Being proactive about accessible course design, particularly online, helps ensure that no student is left behind.

But if you are new to accessible online course design, where do you even begin and who needs to get involved?

In this webinar, Dawn Hunziker, IT Accessibility Consultant, and Janet Smith, Quality Assurance Coordinator, from the University of Arizona (UA) will help answer these pressing questions. They will share how they built out their team, how they got faculty buy-in, and what tools they have created to help individuals across campus build accessible online courses.

In this webinar will cover:

  • Who is involved in course design at UA
  • What collaborations they formed to create accessible learning and IT environments
  • Their process for designing accessible online courses
  • How they interact and talk with faculty
  • Key lessons learned and challenges they confronted


Dawn Hunziker
IT Accessibility Consultant | University of Arizona

Janet Smith
Instructional Designer, Quality Initiatives | University of Arizona

Elisa Edelberg (Moderator)
3Play Media