The Second “A” in GAAD: Raising Awareness About the Need for Digital Accessibility (A 3Play Media Global Accessibility Awareness Day Event

Did you know? Understanding what accessibility meant in the 1980’s and ’90s can be a motivating tool to advance accessibility 40 years later. Come find out why.

Join Lucy Greco and Lainey Feingold, two long-time accessibility advocates, for an informal conversation about how to raise accessibility awareness where it matters to you: at work, at school, at home, and in the community. Hear stories, tips, and strategies that focus on the “second “A” in GAAD and share your own ideas for spreading accessibility awareness.


Lainey Feingold: Lainey is a disability rights lawyer, an author, and an international public speaker and trainer. She has worked in the digital accessibility legal space since the mid-1990s. Lainey’s book about her work in digital accessibility is Structured Negotiation, A Winning Alternative to Lawsuits. She has been named an American Bar Association (ABA) Legal Rebel, an ABA Problem Solver of the Year, and twice a California Lawyer of the Year. Her spirit animal is a dolphin because she thinks that lawyers and advocates shouldn’t be sharks, especially in the digital accessibility space. More on her website at, and on Twitter at @LFLegal.

Lucy Greco: Lucy first started using computers in 1985. She has always felt that computers gave her an advantage that many blind people did not have before that. Having a computer throughout college meant that she never had to get an extension on a paper or have somebody re-write her papers before she turned them in. Using various forms of assistive technology since then, Lucy has long realized the potential for technology to include people with disabilities in everyday activities. Upon graduating from college, Lucy became an accessible technology specialist. She now leads the University of California Electronic Accessibility Committee and serves as the Web Accessibility Evangelist at UC Berkeley. Follow Lucy on Twitter at @Accessaces