"Am I Doing This Right?" Imposter Syndrome and Accessibility Maturity

“Am I Doing This Right?” Imposter Syndrome and Accessibility Maturity

So you did the week-long accessibility training and completed some projects. You felt full of energy and passion to keep improving, only to find a big valley of mystery.

What is after a11y bootcamp and “a11y 101” articles but before working in accessibility powerhouse teams? What paths to more responsibility exist for accessibility savvy Engineering, Product, and Design professionals? How do you sustainably and holistically grow accessibility while avoiding common pitfalls?

Meet Soren Hamby: a founding member of accessibility practices and an accessibility program manager at Benjamin Moore & Co. In this session, Soren will share their invaluable strategies for tackling complex accessibility problems and ways to overcome challenges you will likely face in a growing practice. They’ll also talk about the path to holistic and sustainable accessibility across organizations.

Session Resources:

Book list: https://bit.ly/sorensbooklist

Resources: https://www.a11yproject.com/resources/