Audio Description Editing Interface

Unlike traditional audio description vendors, our unique process allows for the end user to edit their audio descriptions. Because our output utilizes synthesized speech, it is easy for users to edit any audio description frame directly in their account system.

Edit Your Audio Description

If you would like to use different terminology or spellings than our describers, you can simply click “AD Preview” in your 3Play Media account and click “edit” to make any changes. You can always revert to the original. When you’re happy with your changes, click “Save and Finalize.” Your edits will process quickly and will automatically propagate to all output formats.

There are several actions you can take in the editing interface:

  • Edit existing text by clicking into any text window.
  • Nudge the timecode of your description by 0.1 seconds at a time using the forwards and backwards arrows.
  • Add new descriptions by clicking the blue + icon.
  • Delete existing descriptions by clicking the red X icon.
  • Refresh the synthesized speech to hear your changes by clicking the blue refresh icon.
  • Search descriptions by typing a word into the search bar and clicking enter.
  • Revert to original or save and finalize edits.
3Play's Audio description editing interface. You can edit the text based on source time. it also tells you the length of the audio, and there is a preview of the video so you can play the changes as you go
Radio microphone with a headset resting on top of it.
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