What Are Video Platform Metrics? 📊

They allow you to track progress on captioning content in your video platforms, including metrics on the volume and duration of captioned videos compared to total videos.

Integrates With Your Video Platform

By integrating a video platform to 3Play, we’re able to read the content and report on captioning status.

The tool is available on the Linked Accounts page. You’ll see a link labeled, “View Details,” on each linked video platform. Once that link is selected, the Video Platform Metrics should appear as an interactive pop-up.

Brightcove video details with information on percentage of files captioned

Discover Total Captioned Videos

The Video Platform Metrics tool provides interactive charts that measure the volume and duration of captioned content vs. total content in your linked video platform accounts. The purpose of the tool is to identify gaps of inaccessible content and track progress on captioning work overtime.

VPI stats for Brightcove

Achieve a Fully Accessible Video Archive

This tool is effective for identifying any outstanding, inaccessible content in your linked video platforms.

We built this tool for customers to track progress on captioning large backlogs of uncaptioned content, with the intention of reaching a fully accessible archive.

Other Info to Know: 👇


  • Metrics are measured per each individual video platform 
  • Metrics include: total videos, total videos with captions, the total duration of videos, the total duration of captioned videos
  • Metrics are reported as a rolling last 3 months

Currently, metrics will only be available for select video platforms. Video platforms include: Youtube, Brightcove, Vimeo, Kaltura, Wistia.

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