Google Drive Integration

3Play Media allows users to upload videos for captioning via Google Drive. Within your 3Play Media account, simply link your Drive account. A feed of your Drive videos will show up in your 3Play Media account. Select the videos you want captioned!

3Play Media enables T-Mobile to meet fast approaching deadlines and deliver high quality closed captions. The support team is very responsive and show that they care about the quality and efficiency of their services. I highly recommend 3Play Media to video publishers looking for professional transcription services with a partner that is easy to do business with.

Josh Rowin

How do I link my accounts?

Linking your accounts is easy (trust me, you won’t need to Google it).

Start by logging into your Google Drive account. Next, log into your 3Play Media Account, and under Upload Media, you’ll see the option for Cloud Storage.

In the drop-down menu, you’ll see the option +New Linked Cloud Storage Account. When you click it, a menu will show up with all our cloud storage options. Choose Google Drive.

You’ll be asked to allow 3Play to access your drive, but don’t worry, we won’t ever post or download anything without your permission.

All we do is create a new folder for you to drag or upload videos that you want to appear in your 3Play account. So when you go back to your drive, you’ll see a new folder called 3Play Media, with two subfolders inside it called 3play_upload and 3play_deliverables.

Now all you have to do to upload videos for captioning or audio description is select your Google Drive account from under the Cloud Storage tab. You’ll see all your videos populate that you’ve uploaded to your 3play_upload folder, and you can easily choose which you would like to give the a11y makeover.
All your captioning deliverables will post back to 3play_deliverables in your favorite output format! Please note that you can not post back description files to the deliverables folder!

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