JW Platform Integration

How It Works

3Play Media has a round trip captioning integration with JW Platform. You can submit closed captioning requests directly from your JW Platform account by adding a tag for 3Play. Your videos will be automatically transferred to 3Play Media for processing; when the captions are complete, they will be posted directly back to your JW Platform videos.

Video Tutorial

How to set up the JW Player integration

Head over to your JW Player account and grab your API credentials found under Account Settings.

Next, log into your 3Play Media account.

Select Upload Media, then Linked Accounts. Click on + New Linked Account.

A menu will appear with all our current integrations listed. Scroll to find the JW Player logo.

You’ll be taken to a settings page where you will need to enter your JW Player’s API credentials (you can find them in your JW Player account under Account Settings > API Credentials).

To finish, select Create Account.

Congrats! Now your JW Player and 3Play accounts are linked!

How to submit your JW Player videos for captioning

There are two ways you can order captions using the JW Player integration.

One way is to select the video you want for captioning directly from your 3Play Media Account. Once complete, you can download the completed file from your 3Play account, and then upload to your video on JW Player.

The second way is to tag 3Play Media (for standard turnaround) on the media file you want captioned.

The file will be sent to us for captioning, then we will post the captions directly back to your video upon completion.

3Play Media’s technology became a critical part of our agency’s workflow as it allows us to quickly gain strategic insight throughout our entire process. The opportunity to unlock so much potential from video assets is unprecedented.

Josh Backer
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