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Live automatic captioning makes your live events more accessible and engaging.

3Play Media integrates with top live streaming video and meeting platforms such as YouTube, Zoom, Brightcove, and Facebook. 

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How It Works

Available for English only streams. Learn more about our post-production translation services.

1️⃣ Create a live event

Create a live event in any of our integrated live stream video platforms: YouTube, Zoom, Brightcove, and Facebook.

2️⃣ Schedule live automatic captioning

Schedule live automatic captioning in 3Play for your corresponding live event.

3️⃣ Submit a Wordlist

Wordlists allow you to submit a glossary of terms to improve the accuracy of the ASR on those words.

4️⃣ Stream your live event

Your captions will display directly in the video player or through an embed code

5️⃣ Download, edit, or upgrade your live transcript

Access the final transcript for editing, upgrading to full transcription, or even ordering more services on the transcript.


Integrations with top live streaming
video and meeting platforms:


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🎥 View your captions live

Live automatic captioning utilizes automated speech recognition (ASR) technology through 3Play Media’s partner, Speechmatics, and can be implemented natively within select video platforms or through iFrame and Javascript embeds.

3Play Media is the ideal vendor – quick, responsive and able to deliver on their product for good value within a tight timeframe.

Parker Fay
Economist Education



Accessibility Partner

When you work with 3Play Media, you get an accessibility partner. We provide dedicated onboarding, account management, and white-glove support for our customers.

We also create tons of educational resources and host webinars and conferences throughout the lifespan of a customer.

Companies everywhere are creating accessible video.

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“3Play Media enables T-Mobile to meet fast-approaching deadlines and deliver high quality closed captions. The support team is very responsive and show that they care about the quality and efficiency of their services. I highly recommend 3Play Media to video publishers looking for professional transcription services with a partner that is easy to do business with.”

Josh Rowin l Manager
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This American Life saw a 6.68% increase in unique visitors after adding transcripts.

PLY media
Discover Digital Networks saw an 13.48% increase in views within 14 days of adding captions.


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Dell captured 20% more customers after adding captions to videos.


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