Create Video Clips Using Your Transcripts

Clipmaker is a powerful video search and editing application included with the 3Play Media account system. It is used by market researchers and video editors to search across transcribed video files and create clips by piecing together sections of transcript. You can splice clips from multiple files and export a new video asset for rough editing or inclusion in reports.

How Does It Work?

The 3Play Media transcription process produces transcripts that are time-synchronized word for word. This means that every word has a reference to a specific point in the video timeline. Clipmaker uses this time-text data to enable textual video search and editing.

A screenshot of the Clip Creator interface. A video is previewed with a transcript below. The first paragraph is highlighted. An arrow points at button below video preview that reads click to add selection to clip reel.

Clip highlight reels

To create a video clip, simply highlight the spoken text and add it to a clip reel. A clip reel can contain clips from multiple media files. Clips within a reel can be rearranged by dragging them up or down.

Scan View

Toggling the scan view mode lets you track the progression of topics throughout the transcript. Similar to a tag cloud, frequently occurring words have larger font sizes.

Video Search

You can search across all of your videos down to the spoken word. Results are returned on visual timelines showing the location of each occurrence. You can drill down further by clicking on a timeline to expand that section of transcript. You can then play that section of video or add it to a clip reel.

Print and Export

Clip reels can be saved, printed, or exported as new video assets for rough editing. A print-out of a clips reel contains references to the start and stop times, duration, source media files, and a tag cloud of frequently occurring words.

How to Get Started

Clipmaker is a free web-based application built into your 3play Media account. You do not need to download any software. Simply log into your account (or create a new account) and launch Clipmaker.

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