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How to Order Audio Description

Do you want to order audio description? This how-to guide will walk you through ordering audio description files in the 3Play Media account system.

Step one of ordering audio descriptions, log into your 3Play Media account with your email and password.

Step 1 – Log in

Log into your account at

Step two of ordering audio descriptions. Select your audio description settings. You can choose the voice, Michael, Allison, or Katie, as well as the speaking rate. Slow, Medium or Fast.

Step 2 – Edit audio description settings

Before placing your order, you can customize your audio description preferences by clicking on Settings on the top right of the screen. Then select Audio Description from the menu on the left side of the screen. You will see options for speaker and speaker rate. You can use the sample function on the bottom of the window to preview your selections.

Step three of ordering audio descriptions. Under Upload Media, click the choose files button.

Step 3 – Upload your files

There are several ways to upload your video or audio files. From the Upload Media tab, choose to upload from your computer, send links, via FTP, or through a compatible video platform or lecture capture system. You can also upload using our API. Your files will begin processing as soon as they are uploaded.

Step four of ordering audio descriptions. Select your service. To add audio descriptions, you must select the Add Audio Description option.

Step 4 – Select the type of captioning and audio description service

The standard service produces captions and transcripts. You must choose a transcription and captioning service, and then select Audio Description as an add-on feature from the bottom of the Upload window.

When you select Audio Description, a drop down menu will appear. Choose Standard Audio DescriptionExtended Audio Description, or Use 3Play’s Recommendation.

3Play’s Recommendation feature will automatically choose standard or extended description based solely on the audio content of your. By selecting this option, you are choosing to use the level of service recommended by this feature.

3Play Account System Order Audio Description window inside of laptop screen

Already Have a Caption File?

If you already have a caption file for your videos in the 3Play Media account, you can simply add audio description by selecting your captioned file from the My Files page, selecting Order from the top of the screen, and choosing Audio Description.

Screenshot of audio description order information and options to preview, download, and upgrade

Upgrade From Standard Description

If you have already ordered standard audio description, and would simply like to upgrade to extended audio description, you can do so. Select the name of the file in My Files. On the bottom right of the page, select Upgrade.

Step five of ordering audio descriptions. You get an overview of what file, service, turnaround, add-on, folder and AD settings you selected.

Step 5 – Place order

In the next screen, Location, choose where you would like your files to be stored. Then, confirm order details and place your order.

Image inside 3Play account. Page is All Files, with all the video files listed under. The first file, Words of Wilderness is being processed.

Step 6 – Wait for processing to complete

You can monitor the status of your files and keep everything organized. Once your files have been processed you can download any format of audio description anytime.

Order audio description CTA. A women's hand typing on her laptop.
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