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50 Lessons

How does 50 Lessons use online video?

50 Lessons is a leading business learning company that produces educational content for global business audiences. 50 Lessons has produced and published thousands of 3-5 minute video interviews that cover a range of business topics and feature more than 250 recognized global business leaders.

What is the motivation for captioning and transcription?

50 Lessons uses transcription to facilitate the video editing process. Also, a transcript is posted with each video that is published on the website. This helps users to search content and follow along at their own pace.

What is the process and workflow?

After interviews have been shot, the video recordings are uploaded to 3Play Media for processing. Transcripts are then downloaded and used to assist in the video editing process. The final videos are published to the 50 Lessons website along with their transcripts.

Why did 50 Lessons select 3Play Media?

50 Lessons selected 3Play Media because they were able to provide high quality transcripts at a very competitive price. It was important for 50 Lessons that 3Play Media’s transcriptionists could accurately capture the cultural and linguistic nuances of the content and that they researched difficult words when necessary. In the customer’s words, “The transcripts are extremely accurate. In some cases, I can tell that the person who’s done it has done some research because they know a company name or a person’s name that the average person on the street would not know.”

What really sold me was the enthusiasm of the company for their offering and their commitment to customer service. They’re not just another vendor providing a service for a fee. They care about their business the way we care about ours.

Christopher Benoit
50 Lessons
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