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How does Intelecom use online video?

Intelecom is a non-profit producer of educational media for online and distance education learners. Intelecom mainly produces 3-5 minute video clips that are used by colleges, university and academic libraries. The video clips are housed in an online database that is searchable by keyword, discipline, course and topic. The video clips can be embedded in an online or hybrid course, teacher’s blog, or PowerPoint presentation. Sometimes they are used to make DVDs.

What is the motivation for captioning and transcription?

As a provider of educational media, Intelecom must be ADA compliant, which for video means having high quality captions. Also, there has been increasing demand by clients for video transcripts.

What is the process and workflow?

Intelecom staffs three editors that create Flash video files and upload them to 3Play Media for captioning. After the files have been processed, Intelecom downloads several different formats of captions files. Intelecom uses three different video players: a faculty Flash player and two mobile H.264 players. For the faculty Flash player, the Captionate (CPT.XML) captions files are muxed with the video files. For clients that simply want to stream the content from their own intranet, they provide the DFXP.XML captions files along with the video files. For DVD authoring, the SCC captions files are used. Intelecom uses 3Play Media’s account system to track the progress of files.

Birth of a Theory: Plate Tectonics video on laptop screen

Why did Intelecom select 3Play Media?

In academia it is imperative that captions be spelled correctly and delivered on time. This requires professional transcriptionists. In the past, Intelecom tried using purely automated transcription, but the quality was poor and there were too many errors. For Intelecom, it’s also important to have a vendor that is intelligent and provides great customer service. In the customer’s words “, 3Play Media is always willing to answer questions and helps problem solve. 3Play Media is constantly upgrading their features and stays current with new technologies. Their prices are very affordable and the quality of their work is excellent.”


Intelecom has been able to implement a cost-effective and streamlined captioning workflow to comply with ADA accessibility requirements. All of the feedback regarding their closed captions has been positive.

Intelecom is considering adding the ability for clients to download video transcripts from the Intelecom website. Although this feature hasn’t been implemented yet, Intelecom is happy to know that the transcript formats they will need are stored indefinitely in their 3Play Media account and will be ready to implement when the time comes.

3Play Media constantly improves their features and stays current with new technologies. Their prices are very affordable and the quality of work is excellent.

Sydnee Risk
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