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The Situation


SPIE, the international society for optics and photonics, is a scientific and engineering organization that focuses on light-based research. Each year SPIE hosts dozens of conferences in which researchers present their findings on topics ranging from biomedical optics and imaging to astronomical instrumentation to computer chip manufacturing to solar energy.

Generally, SPIE publishes papers in Proceedings of SPIE to provide a record of the research presented at the conference. Recently, SPIE began to record the presentations (voice and slides) and to publish these recordings on the SPIE Digital Library for use by students and basic and applied researchers.

After receiving feedback from researchers and librarians who wanted to use and share the recordings more effectively, SPIE set out to find transcription solutions that would (a) improve their users’ ability to locate relevant content within presentations and (b) make the content more accessible to users with hearing loss, learning disabilities, and those learning English as a second language.


The Approach


SPIE found that the best way to increase the ease of scanning the presentation content and finding information of interest is to transcribe them and publish the searchable transcript with the recording on the SPIE Digital Library. The recordings are also closed captioned to serve users who need that access to the presentations.

SPIE needs accurate, searchable transcripts with an efficient implementation and publishing process for their large media library.
3Play Media’s ability to maintain 99% accuracy for complex content, seamlessly integrate with SPIE’s online video platform and provide Interactive Transcript and Video Search plugins as well as closed captioning brought SPIE to choose us as their transcription partner.


The Results


SPIE now offers thousands of accessible recordings and interactive and searchable transcripts, and they plan to continue this program for future conferences.

SPIE reports that transcripts from 3Play Media have made their recordings more valuable to users.

SPIE users value the accessibility and user experience brought to the forefront as SPIE expands their video resources.

Conference presentation using interactive transcript

SPIE + 3Play Media

SPIE now offers thousands of hours of interactive, searchable, and accessible videos to researchers, and they plan to continue this program for future conferences. SPIE reports that transcripts from 3Play Media have made their presentation recordings more valuable to users. Users of the SPIE Digital Library are now able to search across the entire video library and to find terms and topics applicable to their research in an efficient manner.

3Play Media’s transcript service has made our presentation recording product more valuable to users and to librarians and has made it a more robust and more valuable product to our customers. There’s no doubt in our mind that the transcripts…make the product much better.

Kevin Probasco
SPIE, the international society of optics and photonics

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