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Accessible Video in Healthcare: Case Study with Sutter Health

How Sutter Health Uses Video

Sutter Health Network is a not-for-profit network of hospitals and patient care centers in Northern California. It produces online video for a variety of applications spanning different departments and territories.

The organization wanted to personalize their online physician profiles, letting patients know a little more about each doctor before making their selection.

In addition to a photo and a list of hobbies, Sutter Health added a 60-second video of each doctor.

The result?

Physician profiles with a video are selected for appointments more often than profiles without a video.

Why Sutter Health Captions Their Videos

In 2008 Sutter Health adopted comprehensive plans for improved web accessibility under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

A lawsuit filed by Disability Rights Advocates (DRA) in 2006 sparked concerns over the inaccessibility of Sutter Health Network structures, as well as the limitations of medical equipment inaccessible to those with physical disabilities.

Working closely with DRA, Sutter Health implemented tactics for accessibility on multiple levels, not just reacting to the lawsuit but integrating accessibility into their culture.

Captioning all video is part of Sutter Health’s forward-thinking accessibility commitment and part of the reason they are regarded as a leader in disability access for the healthcare industry.

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A Faster Workflow with 3Play Media’s Brightcove Integration

Although Sutter Health Network is a $9 billion dollar organization, media resources are scarce. With only eight people assigned to media management and publishing, the company needed to find the most efficient way to caption videos quickly and accurately. Sutter Health’s Multimedia Manager Brian Hudson found that he was able to simplify his captioning workflow by taking advantage of 3Play Media’s integration with Brightcove, Sutter Health’s video management platform.

Prior to 3Play Media, Hudson’s captioning process involved eight manual steps. Now it is a much more streamlined process, simplified to only three steps. “Our workflow has gone from days to essentially a single day… all automated and all value-based for us, because we have very limited resources internally,” says Hudson.

Screenshot of Sutter Health web page with a video playing on laptop screen
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