Introducing 3Play Media’s Access Player

November 15, 2022 BY REBECCA KLEIN
Updated: December 23, 2022

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Say hello to 3Play Media’s Access Player!

Making your media accessible, interactive, and SEO-friendly just got a whole lot easier.

What is the Access Player?

3Play Media’s Access Player enables you to publish fully accessible media playback to your website with no development effort.

The Access Player works with your existing media player of choice, integrating additional accessibility capabilities, such as closed captions, interactive transcripts, and audio description—all in the same interface.

In addition to increased accessibility for your users, you’ll also get SEO benefits, making your content more discoverable.

As a publisher, you can create one accessible experience using a convenient user interface or programmatically publish accessible experiences across all of your content.

There are two versions of the Access Player: Access Player and Access Player+. With Access Player+, you’ll get all of the accessibility features available in the Access Player plus the ability to customize the look, support multi-language experiences and increased publishing volume, and more.

The Access Player is currently available in beta. For more information, please fill out this interest form.

Core Features and Benefits

  • Fully Accessible Playback Capabilities: Media players today often support captions, subtitles, and maybe multiple audio tracks, but they don’t make it easy to search for content being spoken in a video, support audio description, or connect an SEO-friendly transcript. With 3Play Media’s Access Player, you make it possible for your audience to consume your content in a way suitable for their needs.
  • Interactive Transcript: Make it easy for your audience to find content in your video or audio, control the playback speed, and reinforce comprehension with a fully synced interactive transcript.
  • Brandable: Your company’s commitment to accessibility is a reflection of your brand’s values. Be proud of the accessible experience you create by making it your own with our visual customizations.
  • Multi-Language Support: We know that your users don’t just speak English. The Access Player can detect the preferred language of your audience and support multiple languages with one video player.

Why use the Access Player?

Generating accessible and legally compliant content is paramount. However, publishing multiple versions of content—one accessible with captions or audio descriptions and one not—creates overhead costs and is prone to mistakes. A single digital experience for all users, with or without disabilities, creates a better experience for everyone involved. The 3Play Access Player is the best way to reach and connect with your entire audience, regardless of their needs.

Additionally, 3Play Media’s Access Player enables you to publish fully accessible media playback to your website with no development effort, reducing the cost and effort of publishing accessible content.

The Access Player also works with both audio-only and video content, making it the perfect solution for any kind of media.

The Access Player in Action

Try out the Access Player below! Press play on 3Play Media’s Allied Podcast episode with Michele Landis and watch as the transcript follows the audio. To jump to a specific point in the audio, click on a word in the transcript.

Make media accessible, interactive, and SEO-friendly. 3Play Media's Access Player. Learn more.

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