Web Accessibility Resources We Can’t Live Without

August 23, 2016 BY EMILY GRIFFIN
Updated: March 2, 2021

Whether you’re designing an accessible website, auditing your software, or crafting an accessibility policy for your institution, there’s a wealth of free resources to help you.

Here are some great web accessibility resources we can’t live without.

Web Accessibility Laws & Guidelines

Understand the legal requirements for accessible web content in your country or state.

Accessibility Powerhouses

These are major players in the accessibility scene who can provide a wealth of resources.

eLearning Accessibility Resources

Resources for Getting Admin Buy-In

Web accessibility succeeds when it has buy-in from leadership, but sometimes leaders need convincing. These resources offer powerful ammunition to convince your leadership of the importance of inclusive design.

Universal Design Resources

Need some actionable advice for designing accessibly? Here are tips, tricks, and tools to get you there.

Accessibility Auditing

How do you know what you need to fix? Check out these resources to help you target your accessibility gaps.

University Accessibility Assets

Want to see how other institutions of higher education handle accessibility? Learn from those who came before.

Accessibility Training

Want to get formal accessibility training for yourself or your colleagues? Check these out.

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