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Get up to speed with accessibility laws with 200+ hours of free on-demand webinars.

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Download white papers to get a deeper understanding of the benefits of transcription as well as the accessibility issues facing education, media & entertainment, government, and enterprise.

Industry Studies

The research studies found here shed light on the current state of closed captioning, uses and perceptions of closed captions, solutions for captioning, and challenges of captioning.

Accessibility Laws

This page covers US federal accessibility laws, US state accessibility laws, and international accessibility laws.

Accessibility Lawsuits

This page covers key accessibility and captioning lawsuits to be aware of.

Faces Behind the Screen

A storytelling project focusing on communities that benefit from a more accessible web.


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Our video highlights are short demos and overview clips taken from recorded webinars and events.

Caption Format Converter

This is a free tool that lets you convert your caption file from one format to another.

Accessibility and Online Video Stats

This page tells the story of how online video and accessibility impact one another.

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These guides will teach you everything you need to know to equip you with the tools to create accessible videos.

Competitive Comparison

View full side-by-side comparisons of 3Play Media and other captioning vendors.