Guaranteed High Quality Transcription Services

We provide premium transcription services with a guaranteed accuracy rate of 99%, even in cases of difficult audio, background noise, and accents. We use a 3-step transcription process that leverages technology and humans to guarantee high quality while bringing down costs. The cost of transcription also includes closed captioning.

Our Process

Every audio or video file goes through automatic speech recognition to produce a rough transcript; then a US-based editor goes through and cleans up the transcript. Finally, a QA manager reviews the file to make sure the transcript is virtually flawless. Every transcript is word-to-word time-synchronized. To further improve quality and accuracy, we provide the ability to preload keywords, technical vocabulary, and special instructions for every file.

Once your audio or video file has been transcribed, we will provide you with over 50 different caption and transcript output formats and access to our interactive transcript.

About Our Transcriptionists

We have thousands of US-based transcriptionists that go through a rigorous certification process before ever touching a file.

Turnaround Time

Our workflow and large base of transcriptionists allows us to process a lot of content quickly. Standard turnaround is 4 business days, but there are flexible turnaround options for files that need to come back very quickly. We also offer 2-business-day, 1-business-day, 8-hour, and 2-hour turnaround. If you have unique requirements, please contact us and we will work out a schedule that meets your needs.

User-Friendly Online Account System

Our online account system makes it easy to access your transcripts any time. You can upload audio or video files from your computer, via links, via FTP, or using an integration. In your account, you can manage files, monitor the status of your files, preview and download transcript and caption files, manage users, set up billing, edit your transcripts, and set up an interactive transcript.

Interactive Transcripts

We provide interactive video tools to make the user experience more engaging. The interactive transcript is available to you in the account system. Adding an interactive transcript to your video or web-based podcast allows users to read along with the audio, jump to any point in the file, and search terminology within your audio.

Other Language Transcription

For source videos in languages other than English and Spanish, Other Language Transcription provides high-quality transcripts which involve a second round of review by an additional transcriber. Other Language Transcription is available in nearly 2 dozen languages, including Portuguese, French, German and Arabic – as well as many others.

HIPAA Compliance

3Play Media is HIPAA compliant and takes great care to protect sensitive customer information. Our system is secure and has passed numerous security audits and undergoes annual penetration testing. All staff are vigilant to protect the privacy and security in all forms, including printed, spoken, and electronic form. We ensure that our business associates and contractors who handle PHI fully comply with HIPAA and have business associate agreements when required to do so. We have measures in place to ensure de-identification of PHI. We also have a business continuity plan.

Pricing & Billing

Our competitive prices are based on the exact duration of each file. You are charged on a pay-per-use basis and there are no hidden charges. You can either pay by credit card or we can invoice you.

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