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Nevada State College

How Nevada State College Uses Mediasite

Nevada State College (NSC) records and broadcasts classroom instruction using Mediasite, a lecture capture software. They offer students live streaming and on-demand viewing of recorded lectures.

In order to comply with accessibility laws for making videos accessible to students with disabilities, NSC needs to add closed captions to those lectures.

NSC Instructional Technology Manager Sam McCool spoke with 3Play in the webinar, “Best Practices for Integrating Closed Captioning with Mediasite Lecture Capture.” He described how NSC developed a streamlined process for making their digital media accessible to students who need closed captions. Watch the video above for the full presentation.

Nevada State on a laptop screen

How the Nevada State College Captioning Process Works

To guide them in crafting an accessibility strategy, NCS hired an accessibility consultant. They devised a “Just in Time” strategy of rapid response to accommodation requests from the Resource Center for Students with Disabilities. They acknowledged that despite their best efforts to encourage proactive captioning from faculty, last-minute requests are inevitable, and they need to be quick to respond.

When a professor needs to provide pre-recorded captioning to a video or lecture capture, the professor contacts the Director of the Nevada State College Resource Center for Students with Disabilities. Provided there are no copyrights to be cleared, an electronic ticket is entered into the NSC communications system that goes directly to the IT Department. IT collects the video content that needs to be pre-recorded captioned.

If it is short content, then the captioning is done within the IT department. A team of student workers were trained on creating captions for short videos on YouTube or Amara.

If it is one hour or longer, that content is sent to 3Play Media, where the material is captioned, checked for accuracy, time-synced with the video, and returned to Nevada State College IT department. The IT department promptly provides the professor access to the fully captioned content, and it is ready for use in class.

Note: at no point in the caption request process is the student’s name mentioned. Accommodation requests are anonymous to protect the student’s privacy. The only information passed along is about the class, the instructor, and what needs to be captioned.

Why NSC Loves the 3Play Media Integration with Mediasite

3Play Media’s integration with Mediasite was a major incentive for NSC to choose 3Play as their closed captioning company.

With the integration activated, lectures recorded by Mediasite can be automatically submitted to 3Play for transcription and captioning, and once the files are processed, the closed captions simply appear on the videos.

That’s a huge time-saver.

3Play Media was also recommended by ed tech colleagues when NSC researched caption vendors. After helpful conversations with an account executive, their 3Play account was up and running.

Demo of NSC Captioning Workflow with Mediasite

Watch the <5 min video below for a demonstration of Nevada State College’s captioning workflow in action.

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