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How does Regis University Use Online Video?

Regis University’s department of Learning Design is responsible for the instructional design and development of all online courses within the College for Professional Studies. The department works in collaboration with faculty to create enterprise-level, online, and blended courses. It currently has 465 online courses, of which 60% contain video content. Videos are published using the Kaltura video platform.

What is the motivation for captioning and transcription?

Regis University is committed to making all required course materials accessible to all learners. In 2011, they adopted a college level accessibility policy to guide course development and assure that they were fulfilling their accessibility commitments. Their accessibility policy was shaped around the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines– WCAG 2.0 version, which covers a wide range of recommendations for making web content more accessible. Also, Regis University recognizes that many people learn better when information is presented in multiple sensory modes. Reading captions while simultaneously listening and watching a video is beneficial for learning.

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What is the captioning process then and now?

Prior to 3Play Media and Kaltura, the process of publishing accessible video was a daunting task that relied on a proprietary captioned video player and a cumbersome captioning workflow. To streamline the process, Regis University tried YouTube’s automated speech-to-text transcription, but determined that the transcription accuracy was inadequate and the effort to correct the text was too laborious.

Regis University discovered that Kaltura and 3Play Media could streamline their video publishing and captioning process. Now, Regis University uploads video files to Kaltura and assigns the “3play” category to videos that need to be captioned. This initiates a captioning request with 3Play Media and the captioning + transcription process happens automatically in the background. Next, they select a pre-designed captioned player, copy the embed code, and paste it in the HTML page. Within a few days, the closed captions automatically show up in the Kaltura player, and the videos become accessible.

In addition to captions, Regis University uses 3Play Media’s interactive transcripts, which enable learners to experience a whole new level of usability. The transcripts are searchable, printable, and users are able to navigate to a specific point in a video by clicking on a word.


With Kaltura and 3Play Media’s automated captioning workflow and interactive transcripts, Regis University has been able to satisfy their accessibility policy, increase usability, and substantially streamline their development process. The effort of publishing accessible video was cut in half and the process became more robust, resulting in fewer tech support issues.

With 3Play Media and Kaltura, we were able to satisfy our accessibility policy, increase usability, and substantially streamline our captioning workflow. The effort of publishing accessible video was cut in half and the process became more robust, resulting in fewer tech support issues. Video accessibility is one component of the course development process that we no longer have to worry about.

Nicole Croy
Regis University
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