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  • Integrations


    Push-button simplicity for a multitude of video players, platforms, and lecture capture systems. Flexible APIs to build your own workflow.

  • transcript alignment service

    Transcript Alignment

    If you already have transcripts this is the fastest and least expensive way to get captions and use the interactive video plugins.

  • import existing captions or translated subtitles

    Caption Import

    Import your existing captions or translated subtitles to convert to other formats or use interactive transcripts.

  • Video Clip Captioner

    Video Clip Captioner

    Create closed captions for your video clips by extracting them from your existing full-length captions.

  • Vertical Caption Placement

    Vertical Caption Placement

    Choose automatic or manual solutions for positioning captions on the screen.

  • Account System

    Account System

    Everything you need to process files and track job status. Supports multiple departments, users, and admin privileges.

  • Caption Editor

    Caption + Subtitle Editor

    Although rarely necessary, you can edit your captions or translated subtitles on the fly after they have been processed.

  • Audio Description Editor Editor

    Audio Description Editor

    Our unique description process allows end users to edit their audio descriptions directly in their 3Play Media account.

  • Clipmaker Video Search and Clipping


    Search your videos and create clip reels by cutting and pasting sections of the transcript.

  • Caption Encoder

    Caption Encoder

    Download a self-contained M4V video with embedded closed captions that works with an iPhone and many other devices.

  • Open Captioning

    Open Captioning

    Download a self-contained M4V video with open captions burned into the video.

  • Caption Format Converter

    Caption Format Converter

    Free tool to convert between different captions formats.

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