Why SEO is Important for Internal Enterprise Video

Updated: January 4, 2018

70% of B2B marketers are creating new video for content marketing, and it’s likely your company is as well. For enterprises, digital marketing for demand generation and branding have been a priority. But what if you’re not on the marketing team and you don’t care about web traffic or YouTube visibility? Instead, let’s say you’re tasked with maintaining the internal media for your corporate site. Is it worth your time to care about SEO?

It turns out video SEO isn’t just for public facing sites, and it’s particularly vital to corporate businesses with large amounts of internal video content. Video SEO connects online video with the on-page textual elements necessary for your enterprise search engine to discover and index the content. Search engines can’t watch videos. Without text, search engines struggle to organize corporate videos, sometimes burying a video’s presence and intended purpose. Employing best practices for video SEO unlocks your video content and makes it searchable. This helps you train employees faster, makes research easier, creates accessibility, and cuts down on redundant costs and communications. In this blog post we provide 3 reasons to implement a video SEO strategy for your internal content, as well as resources to get started. Let’s dive in.

3 Benefits of SEO for Internal Enterprise Video

1. Video SEO Organizes Your Content for Enterprise Search

Corporations are amassing tremendous amounts of content and use an enterprise search engine, like Microsoft FAST, Attivio, Oracle Endeca, or Google. Video content may take the form of training videos, product overviews, corporate & marketing communications, or legacy media content. Each individual video needs to be found, sorted, and classified by search engines. This is where best practices for SEO come into play. On-page SEO focuses on the inclusion of keywords in urls, page titles, headings, tags, and meta-descriptions. A video transcript benefits SEO by growing a page’s keyword density and depth of information.

2. Video SEO Helps Find Related Content

Corporate web content is usually fragmented across departments, divisions, and product lines. Often, video is disassociated from other relevant documents and resources. Recommendation engines tasked with finding related content can do a much better job if they can understand the video content subject matter. Remember, video SEO with plain text transcripts and a solid linking strategy create a bridge between videos and related content—making the most of your internal web content.

3. Video SEO Improves Accessibility

Undertaking a video SEO strategy helps with accessibility issues faced by employees with hearing, vision, or learning disabilities. In the United States, The Americans with Disabilities Act (1990) requires employers to accommodate disabled employees. So while transcribing a video makes it searchable, it also widens the audience of those who can interpret, analyze, or learn from the video content.

How-to Make Video Content Discoverable and SEO-Friendly

Now that you understand the benefits of internal video SEO, we urge you to review the following blog posts covering video SEO strategies and benefits for more ideas on how to utilize transcripts for your enterprise video.

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What’s Next for Enterprise Video SEO?

Enterprise websites are complex, serving the needs of individuals, departments, and business units with widely differing goals and requirements. For video content to be useful in such a varied environment, it needs to be easy to find, access, and navigate. When information and resources—trainings, collaborations, and product information—can be shared at an enterprise level, your company will be making the most of your intellectual assets. Video SEO is the key to unlocking the potential of your existing content.

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