3Play Media Is an Approved Vendor for the DECT Grant for Participating CCC Schools

July 17, 2018 BY ELISA LEWIS
Updated: March 2, 2021
As both a captioning service provider, and educator in the accessibility industry, we are always striving to better understand captioning trends and needs in order to better alleviate pain points. In our 2018 State of Captioning report, we learned that budget is the number one barrier to captioning. One way to combat this is through grants, like the Distance Education Captioning and Transcription (DECT) grant, which enables school systems to expand their video accessibility efforts. 3Play Media is now an approved vendor for this grant.

California Community College Systems

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California Community College (CCCs) offers more than 10,000 online courses. In order to make these courses accessible to all students, as well as compliant with federal and state laws, these distance education classes need to provide captioning or transcriptions on at least some of their content.

With thousands of distance education courses, video content is undoubtedly a huge part of the CCCs coursework. As you might imagine, finding the budget to make that many videos accessible is a challenge. That’s where the DECT comes in! The Distance Education Captioning and Transcription grant provides CCCs with funding for live and time-synchronized captioning and transcription to “enhance access and inspire learning for students utilizing distance education.”

The funding provided by this grant supports captioning and transcription for online courses, as well as hybrid classes – which include both in-person and distance learning coursework – and on-campus classes that utilize distance methods of content delivery.

What Is DECT?

gif with coins falling into piggy bank This program, which allows the State’s Chancellor’s office to pay for captioning, selects pre-approved vendors for the CCCs to work with to meet their captioning and transcription needs. 3Play Media is thrilled to be a pre-approved vendor for the California Community College System contract under the Distance Education Captioning and Transcription grant program.

The CCCs cover 2.1 million students attending 114 colleges, making the DECT grant an enormous feat in creating more accessible content. This program affords member colleges to utilize 3Play’s captioning and transcription services for eligible distance learning materials, and have it paid for directly by grant funds.

How to Apply for a DECT Grant Using 3Play Media

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To request funding for your distance education captioning and transcription needs, you must fill out the DECT Application and Agreement, which can be found here. Be sure to include 3Play Media in the Vendor section, along with your quote.

The Distance Education Captioning and Transcription program has two different methods of funding. In order to use 3Play Media’s services, you must opt for Payment Method B, which allows colleges to use 3Play Media, as a pre-approved vendor. DECT will pay the 3Play directly through the grant funds.

Submitting the Form

You are required to email/fax in the Application and Agreement form and a vendor quote. Once signatures are in place, DECT will email back copies with a Project # indicating that the request for funding has been granted, and will cc 3Play Media.

After the captioning or transcription services have been completed, 3Play Media will email the invoice directly to DECT to have the invoice approved by the college.

Get Started DECT and 3Play

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