ASL Lessons: Learn How to Sign with Aarron Loggins

September 18, 2019 BY ELISA LEWIS
Updated: June 1, 2021

If you’ve been following our latest blog posts, you’re most likely aware that the month of September is National Deaf Awareness Month! 

Deaf Awareness Month is a time to celebrate the diversity of the Deaf community and culture. As with any social group, language and culture go hand-in-hand. In the Deaf community, ASL has been an integral part of Deaf culture. 

We’ve chosen to celebrate Deaf Awareness Month with a series of blog posts on ASL lessons. That’s right! Each blog post will feature a new phrase in ASL from a past participant of Faces Behind The Screen, a storytelling project highlighting people with disabilities. You’ll have a chance to either learn ASL or add a new phrase to your repertoire. Don’t worry if you don’t know ASL. You don’t need to have prior knowledge of the language for this series. 

Learn the Phrase

In this post, Aarron Loggins gives us a little inspiration. Aarron is an actor, musician, activist and Gallaudet alum. At age 3, Aarron’s parents discovered that he was hard of hearing. From then on, Aarron has been using ASL to communicate with others. 

Aarron poses in a suit while looking at his watchRead Aarron’s Faces Behind The Screen Interview


This week’s phrase from Aarron is “believe in yourself”. In his interview with Faces Behind The Screen, Aarron expressed that his journey in life has taught him to build confidence from the inside-out. 

You have to build from the inside. Say, “OK, I can do it.” I can show it instead of doing a whole lot of talking. I’m a determined person and…I have to fight for my dream. Aarron Loggins, FBTS

In the video below, Aarron will teach you a phrase for building your confidence and overcoming any obstacle! Give it a try and feel free to play it again if you need to. 






We hope you enjoyed the first ASL lesson. Stay tuned for the next ASL lesson. We’ll have one that’ll make you want to move your feet!

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