What Our Customers Say: How We Compare to Competitors

February 12, 2019 BY SAMANTHA SAULD
Updated: May 1, 2020

view a side-by-side comparison of 3play vs. other captioning vendors

Our customers consist of thousands of businesses and organizations from the education, government, enterprise, and entertainment industries. Although we work with a diverse group of companies with various content and subject matters, one thing remains true.

Customers want a high-quality, fast, and reliable captioning and transcription solution.

We make it our job to understand the needs of our customers, and at 3Play, we work diligently to make audio and video content accessible for everyone.

We recently distributed our annual Customer Holiday Survey to identify how customers feel about their experience with 3Play. When asked how we compare to other captioning and transcription vendors, our customers responded and the results are in.

Follow along to find out why thousands of universities, media companies, video producers, and corporations continue to choose 3Play Media.

What Separates 3Play From The Rest

Through our findings, we discovered five main factors customers looked for when choosing 3Play Media over competitors.


Our goal is to provide customers with a high-quality solution that is cost effective. No matter which pricing option you choose, you can always feel at ease knowing your files will come back 99% accurate.

features/account system

You don’t have to be a quantum physicist to navigate our system. Our account system is robust and intuitive, making it easy for anyone to use. Not to mention, we offer a plethora of features – at no additional cost when you have an account with us.

turnaround time

Uh oh, that deadline is quickly approaching. Whether you need a file ASAP or next week, customers can choose from multiple turnaround time options to fit their specific needs.


We have a friendly and helpful support team that goes above and beyond to make sure our customers are assisted every step of the way. You’re in good hands with 3Play.


We guarantee a 99% accuracy rate for all files. Are you a quantum physicist that has a file with complex and technical vocabulary? No problem! We have a team of certified transcriptionists that ensure your captions come back to you at exceptional quality.

Here’s what a few of our customers had to say about us and how we compare to competitors:

customer testimonial: after exploring multiple vendors, we settled on 3play media because of the great price and quick turnaround

Companies Who Use 3Play Media

autodesk, procter & gamble, t-mobile, MIT

We feel proud to serve our customers and set the standard for high-quality captions and transcriptions. Are you ready to start transcribing and captioning videos with 3Play Media? Get started below!


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