How 3Play Media Handles Captioning at Scale

August 19, 2020 BY JACLYN LEDUC
Updated: February 6, 2024

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The trajectory of online video is trending upwards, and as a result, demand for captioning at scale is growing, too. Choosing a vendor that offers reliable and accurate captions for large amounts of video content is crucial to long-term captioning success.

3Play Media consistently delivers on high-quality captioning services and is able to sustainably uphold captioning at scale efforts.


How to Select the Right Captioning Vendor for You

Why 3Play Media is Best for Captioning at Scale

To help customers achieve caption scalability, 3Play Media has systems that reliably provide guaranteed deadline compliance, streamlined captioning workflows, a user-friendly account system, and top-notch support from captioning experts.


 We turn to 3Play Media when we need a large amount of material transcribed under a very tight time frame. Their high-quality work enables us to meet our clients’ demands – I would recommend them without hesitation. Oliver Snider, The Fullbridge Program, 3Play Media Customer

Designed for Scalability

3Play Media has designed a robust video accessibility solution that can uphold captioning at scale. With advanced offerings like flexible workflows, a user-friendly account system, strict deadline compliance, and white-glove support, there’s no captioning job that we can’t take on.

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We built our system to handle large quantities of video per day without notice – always at 99% accuracy. Plus, with our workforce of over 1,500 professional transcript editors and multiple turnaround options, you won’t need to worry about missing deadlines regardless of the amount of video that needs captioning.

Streamlined Captioning Process

A key to captioning at scale is to create streamlined captioning processes. Rather than uploading loads of video content for manual captioning, automation and workflow optimization help make scalability more approachable.

3Play Media supports a seamless captioning process. We are compatible with most leading video platforms, players, and lecture capture systems. With our integrations, customers can automatically post captions back to their videos and create an automated video accessibility process. Customers may also build custom API workflows for a more personalized experience.


 We often upload hundreds of hours of content, and without fail 3Play Media returns highly accurate captions in just a few days. We use 3Play Media for captioning projects that demand high capacity, quality, and fast turnaround. Shane Tracy, Sonic Foundry, 3Play Media Customer

User-Friendly Account System

Captioning at scale doesn’t have to be complicated. We’ve built 3Play Media’s account system to provide a user-friendly and painless customer experience.

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Our robust account system can be customized to suit your unique scalability needs. The system is easy to navigate, allowing customers to order, manage, and preview caption files in one convenient location.

Expert Captioning Support

Sometimes captioning at scale calls for expert-level support.

3Play Media is there for our customers every step of the way, providing a dedicated account manager, technical video accessibility support with real humans, and thorough support documentation.* We guarantee our response times, so customers can rest assured that they’ll always receive timely responses.

Our support mechanisms ensure captioning at scale is not something our customers have to face alone.


 3Play Media provided the technology and critical support behind MIT’s Infinite History website…an invaluable interface for navigating through the nearly 300 hours of transcribed contentLarry Gallagher, MIT Libraries, 3Play Media Customer

Proven Deadline Compliance

Captioning at scale can cause hiccups when it comes to getting files back on time. At 3Play Media, we take deadlines seriously and maintain deadline compliance over 99.6%. No matter how much video content you upload, you can be sure you’ll have it back when you need it.

We have strict, SLA-backed turnaround time, meaning in the unfortunate (and rare) case that we miss your selected deadline (even by one second), we will automatically apply a discount to your invoice.

No matter if you have large, last-minute captioning projects or need reliable captioning throughout the year, 3Play Media has the technology, tools, and expertise to ensure captioning at scale is a success.


10 Questions to Ask a Video Accessibility Vendor downloadable checklist

*All customers have access to thorough support documentation, while enterprise-level customers have access to premium phone and email support. Reach out to us with more information about your video accessibility needs to learn more.

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