Developing an In-House Captioning Workflow: Strategies, Timelines, and Economic Analysis

January 12, 2015 BY LILY BOND
Updated: June 3, 2019

In a webinar held on December 11, Korey Singleton, the Assistive Technology Initiative Manager at George Mason University, discussed how to build an in-house captioning workflow. Not only did he walk through George Mason University’s captioning process, evolution, struggles, and successes; he also provided an in-depth economic analysis of captioning by fiscal year.


Most colleges and universities are required by law to provide closed captions for students who are deaf or hard of hearing. However, cost is often a considerable limiting factor when it comes to captioning, as not all schools have the budget to hire a captioning vendor. Korey’s presentation dives into the details of developing an in-house captioning workflow, as well as what factors you should consider in building out your own in-house solution.

If you are currently captioning in-house or if you are considering an in-house captioning solution, Korey’s presentation is an indispensable resource moving forward. He covers:

  • Initiating an in-house captioning pilot program
  • Developing and evolving a captioning workflow
  • In-house captioning workflows for video platforms
  • A timeline of George Mason University’s captioning initiative
  • An economic analysis of in-house captioning over 3 years
  • A closer look at the cost of in-house captioning per minute of content

Make sure you check out the questions about in-house captioning at the end, too (starting around 35:00)! There were fantastic audience questions after the presentation, and Korey’s answers further elaborate upon the questions and concerns related to in-house captioning.

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