How 3Play Media Transcribes Non-American English Video Content

January 20, 2017 BY PATRICK LOFTUS
Updated: February 6, 2024


Most Americans probably don’t know what you’re talking about if you say ‘zed’ when pronouncing the letter ‘Z.’

So, how does an American transcription company achieve accuracy and consistency with non-American accents, dialects, and the correct spelling of words like “colour” and “defence”?

Our Editors Know What You’re Talking About

Luckily, 3Play Media has over 1,000 professional transcriptionists who are familiar with the accents and different forms of spelling associated with dialects like British, Irish, Canadian, and Australian English. We also guarantee 99% accuracy regardless of accent.

Our editors come from all sorts of different backgrounds and many have experience with diverse, regionally-specific varieties of the English language. For example, an editor who once lived or studied abroad in Australia may edit a video with an Australian speaker.

How to Set an Accent or Dialect in the Account System

If you want to ensure that our editors know that your video content contains a specific accent or dialect, all you have to do is reach out to your Account Manager.

When you sign up for a Pro account, or at any point thereafter, your Account Manager can set up a configuration so your videos will be transcribed with the correct spellings and idioms of the region.

Learn more about our Express and Pro Account options:

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