What to Expect from Bilingual Transcription Jobs with 3Play Media

April 19, 2022 BY KELLY MAHONEY
Updated: April 20, 2022

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At 3Play Media, we’re looking for bilingual transcriptionists! Our transcription editors make up the core of what we do, and multi-lingual content is becoming more valuable as our world goes global. 3Play transcription editors enjoy perks like the ability to set their own schedule, learning from the videos they edit, and working from home (or… wherever, really). Keep reading to learn more about what you can expect from bilingual transcription jobs with 3Play Media.

Work on the best editing interface (according to our editors)

One of the most important factors to consider when it comes to transcription jobs is the interface you’re completing them on. 3Play Media’s proprietary editing platform has been designed to maximize the efficiency of the people working on it every day. editing software

Since we leverage the best of both worlds using machine technology and professional editors, our transcriptionists never have to start from scratch. Every video and audio file on the 3Play marketplace comes with a time-coded, automatically generated transcript, allowing editors to fully focus on editing for accuracy. 

Editors can also customize 3Play’s easy-to-use platform, with personalized settings and shortcuts that make it easier to find the functions and projects they use most often. We’re always improving, so new features are frequently being added, based on real user feedback.

Unmatched video and audio file quality

Veteran transcriptionists will tell you that files with poor video or audio quality can make their jobs harder and cause major headaches. Thankfully, 3Play works with some of the biggest content creators in the world – like professional sports networks, major media & entertainment providers, and higher educational institutions – our marketplace is chock-full of files in tip-top shape.

Our contractor operations team is directly available to help

If you ever run into problems or have questions about a job, our dedicated contractor operations team is here to help! Our team is directly available to assist all transcriptionists when necessary, and they’re always focused on improving the contractor experience. person on computer

The operations team hosts bimonthly webinars to onboard new contractors, and the archived recordings are always available to existing contractors as a resource for reference. These webinars give transcriptionists the opportunity to ask questions, learn about system updates, and stay connected with the 3Play team – who are actively listening to feedback from existing contractors to make sure they’re having the best experience possible. 

Please note: Spanish transcriptionists at 3Play Media are required to have an excellent written and verbal command of Spanish language and grammar to succeed in this role. Spanish editors must also be able to communicate (in writing) in English with our contractor operations team.

Learn something new with a variety of content topics

Not only is our marketplace full of high-quality content, but it’s also home to a wide variety of topics. Many of our current transcriptionists note their favorite part of the job is the inadvertent opportunity to learn something new while completing a project!

I find that I actually enjoy many of the files that I edit. I have learned some really fascinating things just by editing a college lecture or an oral history interview.
– 3Play Transcriptionist

With over 10,000 customers across industries – including prominent universities, mainstream media networks, and large professional enterprises – the marketplace is constantly changing. 3Play transcriptionists get to choose which files they work on, giving each editor the chance to branch out and try something new or stick with a more familiar area of expertise.

Unlock new job types as you improve

At 3Play, there’s always room for growth – and we love to promote from within! Over time, there are other tasks and opportunities that become available to contractors as they improve their skills and complete bilingual transcription jobs, including:

  • Quality Assurance Specialists: review transcripts, ensuring that customer instructions are followed before sending the final result to customers.
  • Auditors: provide direct feedback on editors’ work, anonymously reviewing randomly selected transcript portions to ensure equal assessment.
  • Audio Describers: write descriptions of key onscreen visuals and text that aid or affect a viewer’s understanding of a video.

Reaching a global audience through translation

Many 3Play customers are aiming to reach international audiences – and reasonably so, considering more than 80% of YouTube traffic comes from outside the United States. With technology bridging the gap between countries and cultures, video translation and subtitles provide content creators with the ability to adapt and reach a global audience.

Help make the world more accessible

Above all else, 3Play’s mission is to make content accessible to everyone, everywhere. We know that the impact of accessibility is universal, and as a transcriptionist, you would be directly contributing to creating a better viewing experience for all users. 

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