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Tuned ASR: How 3Play is Advancing Live Automatic Speech Recognition for Closed Captions

by Jena Wallace in Product Updates

Captioning Best Practices for Media & Entertainment [Free eBook] When it comes to live events, choosing automatic speech recognition (ASR) for captioning may seem like an easy, inexpensive accessibility option. Unfortunately, relying solely on ASR can result in embarrassing captioning moments and…

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April 6, 2023

3Play’s Real Time Captioning Services for Higher Ed

by Abby Alepa in Product Updates

How to Select the Right Closed Captioning Vendor: 10 Crucial Questions to Ask [FREE eBook] Time spent in school is some of the most formative of our lives. We go to school to get an education, foster relationships and community, and prepare…

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April 5, 2023

Introducing 3Play Media’s Access Player

by Rebecca Klein in Video Accessibility

Sign up to learn more about 3Play Media’s Access Player Say hello to 3Play Media’s Access Player! Making your media accessible, interactive, and SEO-friendly just got a whole lot easier. What is the Access Player? 3Play Media’s Access Player enables you to…

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Updated December 23, 2022

Scheduling Live Captions With 3Play Media

by Rebecca Klein in Product Updates

  Watch the Free Webinar: Live Professional Captioning Launch Party   This multi-part blog series will highlight three valuable features of our live captioning service. We discussed our Resilient Auto-Captioning Failover and Failback in our first blog of the series. In our…

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February 25, 2022

How 3Play Media Provides The Most Reliable Live Captioning

by Rebecca Klein in Video Accessibility

Live Captioning with 3Play Media [Free Webinar] This multi-part blog series will highlight three valuable features of our live captioning service. In our first blog of the series, we discuss how we provide the most reliable live captioning service with Resilient Auto-Captioning…

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Updated July 6, 2023

Press Release: 3Play Media Reinvents Live Captioning with the First Solution to Provide Professional Live Captioning and Auto Captioning Failover

by Elisa Lewis in Product Updates

Modern approach leverages professional and auto captioning to deliver highly accurate and reliable real-time captions BOSTON, Mass., January 12, 2022 __ 3Play Media, the leading video accessibility provider, announced today the availability of Live Professional Captioning, becoming the first captioning platform to…

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Updated January 11, 2022

Reliable Live Captioning With Stream Reconnect Wait Time

by Rebecca Klein in Video Accessibility

  Understanding Live Captioning Quality   At 3Play Media, we’re proud to guarantee our customers peace of mind. But what does this promise really mean? Until recently, peace of mind meant offering five-star support, measured and top-notch accuracy, quick turnarounds, legal compliance,…

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Updated January 26, 2022

3Play Media Is a Recommended YouTube Captioning Vendor

by Jaclyn Leduc in Video SEO

Attention all YouTube Creators! Looking for a simple yet effective way to make your videos more accessible and more engaging? We are thrilled to announce that 3Play Media is now a recommended YouTube captioning vendor for Creators. It’s now easier than ever…

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Updated March 9, 2021

The Subtitle Format Converter You’ve Been Looking For [FREE TOOL]

by Emily Griffin in Product Updates

To address this problem, we created a free web tool that converts between all the major caption formats, including SRT, SBV, Flash DFXP, SCC, SMI or SAMI, CPT.XML, QT, and STL.

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Updated August 24, 2023

How to Add Captions and Audio Description to Vidyard Videos

by Justin Al-Qudah in Product Updates

Vidyard prides itself on going beyond the typical video hosting and management platform, helping businesses connect with more viewers through interactive and personalized video experiences. This idea of humanizing communications and personalizing customer experiences is at Vidyard’s core, with solutions focused around…

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Updated March 16, 2021

Adding Videos with Captions and Transcripts to LMS Platforms

by Elisa Lewis in Product Updates

Accessibility Tools in LMS Learning management systems (LMS) usually don’t allow users to publish videos with captions, interactive transcripts, or audio description. This poses a challenge, especially in higher education and eLearning, as these features make content accessible and have many benefits…

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Updated June 3, 2019

Revolutionize Your Video SEO with the New SEO Embed

by Lily Bond in Video SEO

There’s no stopping the continued rise of online video. Now, in 2017, 87% of online marketers use video content. With so many marketers relying on video to drive brand awareness and buying interest, SEO has never been more important. Without good video…

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Updated September 20, 2023