Why 3Play Media?

3Play Media helps educational institutions by providing cost-effective, high quality captioning and transcription services, as well as plugins that make video searchable and more engaging. Our customers, like MIT, Yale, Georgia Tech, and Penn State University, use our services for recorded lectures and other educational video.

One of our highest priorities is ease of use. We provide flexible upload options, a user-friendly account system, APIs, and integrations with popular lecture capture systems and video platforms like Kaltura, YouTube, Mediasite, Panopto, Tegrity, and Echo360.


3Play Media offers integrations with over 20 leading video platforms, players, and lecture capture systems. This simplifies the workflow and automates the captioning process.


3Play Media provides tools that help make captioning easier and more cost-effective for our customers.

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Video Search Plugins

3Play Media offers several video search tools, including Playlist Search and the Interactive Transcript. These plugins allow you to search across a whole library of videos for any word, preview that section, and play the video from that exact point. The features and styling of these plugins can be fully customized.

Video Search Plugins

3Play Media has enabled us to build an automated captioning and transcription workflow, removing several of our accessibility concerns, which ultimately allows our faculty and learning designers to focus on the course content.

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Penn State University
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